Tuesday, March 28, 2006


In the line of Anniyan and Indian.....

Being a family guy :), I always go home on weekends. While I was on my way back to Bangalore this Sunday, the bus I was traveling in stopped at a restaurant somewhere near Hosur. Not having anything worthwhile to do in the bus had made me hungry, and so I got down to get a biscuit packet and a bottle of water. To my dismay, I found out that the cost of everything was Rs. 3 more than the MRP. Not wanting to encourage these guys (you see, movies like Anniyan and Indian had not been wasted on me); I walked back to the bus in hunger. I noted down the name of the hotel, and contemplated legal action against these guys.

Cut to one week back….. I walked out of Higginbothams in dismay. The book I had been waiting for had come. But the price was damn exorbitant. It was in the tune of one thousand rupees. As I walked around MG road, I saw the book in a road side stall. He asked two hundred rupees. Not wanting to give in so easily, I bargained with him, until he agreed to give the book for a hundred rupees. I walked out of MG road, a happy man!!

That one made me think, “ Am I a straightforward person, an uthama purushan?? What about the countless number of clandestine copies of MP3 songs?? Do we have the cash to get original copies??” I went back to that shop and got a biscuit packet and a bottle of water. I felt guilty no more. As Dilbert said, "In life, U either get to be the pigeon or the statue".
Of course, you people can say that I was plain hungry!! :)

and U mite have your own opinions on this issue. Will b glad to hear them out!!


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