Thursday, November 30, 2006


Back to Normality, eh??

Amrita Rao (yup,the actress) waited patiently at the restaurant for her date to come. She was on time, as she couldnt bear to keep her date waiting. But she didnt mind it if he did it to her. It just felt like yesterday, the first time she met him. That initial touch still evoked goosebumps in her.

"Is this yours?", was the question posed by him. She was instantly hooked onto him. As she took her kerchief back, their fingers touched just for a moment, but that was enough. They started seeing a lot more afterwards..... This was supposed to be the first anniversary, since they had started seeing each other.

"Its almost time", she muttered to herself. She looked at her watch. It was five mins to One. As she was glancing in front, she felt a hand covering her eyes, and whispering "Happy Anniversary", in her ears. She smiled and turned to face him. "You are always on time, Ganesh!! I am so happy"

"Keek keek keek keek...... keek keek keek keek....... keek keek keek keek...... keek keek keek keek"...... A hand slowly switched off the alarm, and took away the bedspread. "I must have been dreaming that. After all, how on earth, can I expect be with Ganesh. You are not so lucky a gal, dearie"..... Amrita Rao thought to herself!!

:) :) :) :)

PS: Sorry Chi. ;)

PPS: For ppl, who thought that this story was a sarcastic take on myself...... I assure u, it IS sarcastic in an ironic sort of way :-\!! For ppl who still dont understand, will be back with another story soon. Until then , ciao!!


Sunday, November 26, 2006


Dog's Tail

He noticed the girl standing beneath the stairs. She was quite pretty and looked vaguely familiar. "What the heck?" He had seen so many girls. He also stood beneath the stairs and made a scene of arranging his books. Apparam enna velai, bittu bittaa poada vendiyathu thaanae.

He: Hi! I am Ashok.
She: (Started to smile at him, but then frowned) Hi.
He: May I know your name, plz?
She: (With an icy tone) Rekha....
He: Your name sounds familiar. Have I seen you before?
She: I have to leave now....

He: Where do you work? Excuse.... Chae, what was the point of being so rude? He remarked loudly to no one in particular.

"Well, I would have done the same, if I were her" Ashok turned around to face me. "What do you mean?", he asked me. "Hard not to be rude, considering the fact that you already knew her in person, and had roamed the city with her"

It was then that he remembered. "Damn", he exclaimed. He had seen her last, 6 months back.

"Machi Ashokku, that is exactly why, there should be a limit to your "gals" list. I think that your DB is throwing an "Out Of Memory" exception" :)

As I remarked this, he was already walking towards another girl. "Excuse me, are you....."

Ivangalai ellaam thiruthavae mudiyaathu daa Saami!! (No one can correct these buggers)

:) :)


Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The Killer

The serial killer was on the loose again. He was a normal man, but he couldn’t stop those occasional spurts of manic behaviour. This was one of those times. He roamed the city looking for his prey. As he walked, he could see a street detached from the main road. He entered that street.

He looked at his watch. “Perfect”, he thought, as the whole family should be in the house. Wholesome fodder for him. Little did the inmates know what lay in store for them. He looked up and down the street. Nobody was there. He scaled the wall and entered the house. He looked inside the house through a window. The family was just settling down to have dinner.

He walked up to the main switchboard area. He could hear, “Selvi, selvi, selvi…..” blaring from the house. He pulled the fuse and the whole house was enveloped in darkness. He heard groans emerging from the house.

He was satisfied. He had effectively killed an episode of a serial today for one more family. Ever since, Chandru’s roommates stopped him from watching “Selvi”, he had become like this!!

:) :)


Wednesday, November 08, 2006



Well, everything I post under the title shorties will have a question, for which I have not been able to figure out the answers . Answers can be posted in the comments section. Here is the question:

"Why do gals wear short T-shirts and then stretch them, when they see guys coming ahead??"



Thursday, November 02, 2006



It was the year 2100. A year in which men and machines still struggled to coexist harmoniously. A year in which there were still civil wars of machines against men. A year in which men struggled to get back to the golden era when machines were just that, machines. A year in which the humans slowly started to lose their emotions. A ear, which will start bleeding if I go on like this. So lemme get on with the story.

Chirag set out on his mission. It was true that the humans were losing their emotions, but love was a primal emotion. It can never be lost. He was in UK now on a project work. He had seen her first in a strip club. She was a waitress over there. He had been a regular patron of that club, coz of her presence. In time, both became acquainted, and started going together. But he didn’t touch her. He was of the type that everything should happen after marriage.

Today was the D-day. He went to the usual spot where they meet. He had a 3D projector in hand, which would give out images of all sorts of flowers. Technological replacement for a red rose. When she came, she knew what was to happen. Chirag went on his knees and proposed to her. She said, “Chirag, first tell me, what you think of asexual reproduction?” “What do I think….I what??. “You see, I am a cyborg”. Chirag’s head started spinning, and he could hear his phone ringing. It showed 0700 hrs in the morning!!

“Dei wake up, Chi. Its seven, and its getting very late for the office”. He could hear his room mate Ganesh calling out to him. He got up groggy eyed. Damn, he shudnt have drunk so much and watched that late nite movie, “Honey, u married a cyborg”. Apparently they don’t go well enough together!!



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