Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Adults Only!!

Statutory Warning: Please refer the title!!

As he touched her, she shivered. “Are you sure?” she asked him. “I am positive about this.” “Can’t we see for 1 more day?” “No. We can’t wait for one more day.” He made her lie on the bed and adjusted her clothes. He looked around. It was a nice place. It was around 2000 hrs.

Btw, they are Kumar and Rekha. They are a pair right from their college first year. Their parents agreed to their marriage, provided they got a job. They were both placed in a software firm (where else? :) ) and were all set to get married. It was at this time that Kumar got the idea about going to Ooty. Initially, she was reluctant, but then agreed. They informed at their respective houses that they are going on an industrial visit in their colleges.

“Have you got a….” He didn’t allow her to complete. “Yeah. I always have one in my purse.” “You have them in your purse?” “Yeah, you need to take necessary precaution. I got it from a medical shop on the way to Ooty”, he replied. “Precaution”, she repeated and winked at him. He winked back. He walked to the desk to get his purse.

On coming back, he took out the coldarin tablet from his purse and gave it to her. He hoped that her cold would go away the next day, as they still had lots to see in Ooty.

:) :)

PS: As for the title, I assure U all that Kumar and Rekha aren’t minors, but Adults Only!! :)


Monday, January 22, 2007



Ever bothered to notice the language of the teachers at school, and how they put across ideas? In my school days, my gang had that as a separate subject. Here are some classics...

My PT teacher

1) If you talk, I put kneel down in the centre of the hot sun.

2) You talk, I talk, why he middle middle talk?

3) Nest time you do this, the rolls will multifly.

My Geography teacher (My fav staff.... ;-) )

This guy was a good guy, but he would get tensed very soon. I got into his good books very soon (pun unintended....) and always got his Aashirvaad. But in the end, he turned out to be my dad's patient, and became patient (again pun unintended) with me as well. :)

1) Close your mouth and answer my question, you beggaru..... (Student begins to answer, but no chance!!). Dei, shut your mouth and answer my question. :)
2) When I came to tenth C class, you were outside. When I came to tenth B class, you were outside. When I came to tenth A also you were outside. When I came inside tenth A also, you were outside. Why were you outside? Dei, shut your mouth and answer my question.... :)

This guy became a hit with us with one incident. :) That one still makes me laugh. What do u say, if you want the crowd to be silent? Its either "Be silent" or "Dont murmur". This guy shouted with the help of a mike, "Dont whisper". That was the time, a popular product was launched. :) We laughed our hearts out. "Dont whisper", for a second time made a guy shout, "Amma, enakku thuni vaendaam ma". Nobody could control the laughter after that!!

:) :)


Friday, January 12, 2007



Happy Pongal to all!! :)


Thursday, January 04, 2007


Illegal Relations....

It did not matter where he went to. He was always taken for a man who didn’t believe in the marriage institution. People pointed out to him and refused to acknowledge him as a heterosexual. Whenever he came on his bike, he was jeered at. The fact that he was married and had three children didn’t help him one bit.

This was not the case some years back. He was successful in life. He had a great job, a good home. In short, his career was booming. He was a great property in the marriage market. He was approached by many girls in his office. But he left the job of fixing his marriage to his parents.

The wrong things in his life started with his marriage six years back. His marriage was a grand one. His bride was pretty and the apple of her father’s eye. The dowry was huge and he looked on in awe at his father in law’s riches. But everything good has a bit of a bad thing associated with it, and this was no exception. Gifting you an estate is awesome…… but along with that ……
His father in law gifted him a pulsar to ride!!

:) :)

PS: For ppl who don’t get it, plz recollect Pulsar’s tag line!! :) :)


Wednesday, January 03, 2007


06!!<-- 2007


The year 2006, was quite eventful for me as well as the world. For the first time in my life, I realised that you can actually earn money without doing anything. I soon learnt that half the people in this software world were like that. :) Maybe this is what they call "Getting hands on experience." I entered the world of blogging, and found that there ARE people to read what I scribble. So does that make them jobless?? Well, I wouldnt want to lose the few visitors to this blog that I have, by answering that question. Anyway, very very Special thanks to Aishu, Ashwin, Ashwini, Avinash, Blux, Chandru, Chirag, Janet, Kaattoo, Madhavi, Pras, Srikanth, Sindhu (in alphabetical order) for visiting and commenting on the blog every time I send a mail to all. I got many new friends, and successfully retained the old friends. I learnt how tough the CAT could be. (That the CAT has again become pregnant and will come out in ten months is another issue!! :) ) I did suffer setbacks (excludin CAT).... but as Calvin's dad says, "It only builds character". Hope those have made me stronger and more focussed on the goals that I have set.

Hope it is the same for you all.I hope this year is a good year for me as well as for you all. Hope all your wishes get fulfilled. Thats it from me now. Cya all!!

PS: Please pardon the Senti stuff. From next time, there will only be the Mental stuff. ;-)


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