Sunday, November 25, 2007


Con-Textual Usage

Pre Script: Long Time No See!! :)

It has been a general practice (or should it be practise??) in Tamil cinema to mute controversial dialogues or vulgar words in a song. Though the song sounds innocuous when heard, the censor doesnt relent. It mutes it out. All is well, except for the fact that it achieves what the lyricist wanted to do. Send out the meaning of the song to the public.

There exists the same practice in corporate culture. Profanities and F words are not allowed in emails, discussion forums, etc. I guess they employ a filter which has a pre defined list like sex, fuck, etc which takes that word and replaces it with ***. Fine, but I think that it should be CONTEXTUAL BASED, rather than filtering it out every time. You dont agree with me?? Well, take an example: The word "Illustration" was filtered out and replaced with ***. Why? Coz, that word I-L-L-U-S-T-R-A-T-I-O-N, contains the word, LUST. Funny, aint it??

So consider a discussion where people are discussing their place of origin. A guy from Sussex types in, "I come from Sussex". The only glitch is that, it will be displayed as, "I come from ***". Technically correct, yes, but what about the poor guy?? :) Take another example where a guy is leaving for onsite, and his place is Wessex. He wants to say farewell to his forum friends for now. He types in and it gets displayed as, "I am leaving for ***". :) You can imagine the comments that follow this.

I rest my case!! :)

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