Monday, June 26, 2006



As she walked out of the bed, she couldnt help noticing the fact that she had become a bit plump. She examined herself in the mirror, and observed the growing bulge in her abdomen. This shouldnt have happened at all. What would her husband, who was now in the US for 5 months, tell her? Would he ever forgive her?

She still remembered that fateful day, around 4 months bach. They had become acquainted then. There had existed an easy chemistry between them. Though she had resisted then, she couldnt resist the temptation and gave in to that guilty pleasure. It had been one heady night. One encounter led to the other, with the interval between the encounters, constantly decreasing. Now the inevitable had happened.

She walked back to the bed and caressed the reason for her present situation. Should she or shouldnt she? She made up her mind and resolved that it would be the last time that they came together for that day.

She then took a gr8 swig from her beer bottle. :)

She enrolled in a gym later that day, to get rid of her beer belly!! :D


Monday, June 05, 2006



Tried my hand at Poetry.... Here is the result. Too short though. Who knows, maybe this might be the stepping stone to creating an epic like MahaBharatha one day. :D Pity poor Vyasa.

"For the whole world, I was without care,
When you came across as a whiff of fresh air.

Enjoyed those long telephonic talks,
And those romantic evening walks.

Remember that day, u had dinner at my house,
and tried hard not to make a fuss.

Those days when we stealthily went to movie halls,
And after that trying to cover up, making stories ridiculously false.

Maybe it was destined that You were for me,
But as usual, God's plans are awry.

Today, as you slowly dissolve in the river,
I ask, "why not me?", to the giver "

-- G@|\|E$#


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