Monday, June 05, 2006



Tried my hand at Poetry.... Here is the result. Too short though. Who knows, maybe this might be the stepping stone to creating an epic like MahaBharatha one day. :D Pity poor Vyasa.

"For the whole world, I was without care,
When you came across as a whiff of fresh air.

Enjoyed those long telephonic talks,
And those romantic evening walks.

Remember that day, u had dinner at my house,
and tried hard not to make a fuss.

Those days when we stealthily went to movie halls,
And after that trying to cover up, making stories ridiculously false.

Maybe it was destined that You were for me,
But as usual, God's plans are awry.

Today, as you slowly dissolve in the river,
I ask, "why not me?", to the giver "

-- G@|\|E$#


Reminds me of the rhyme game at channel w... n this ain't ur story as far as i know... U ain't got no GF...
This is awesome to see u playing with words..gr8 dudi...
dei, why the heck did u post under anonymous?? U know me only from College buddy!! :D
Hmm... interesting! Now, you have to explain wat inspired u to write this post :D
hey very nice da!! but what made you(oops) who made you write such a beautiful one??? come on buddy!!
good one!!!!!!!11
Nice work pal!! :) Cool.. Great to see you trying your hand with poetry.. :) Any clue about the one who inspired you to write such a sweet poem??? ;)

Keep the talent flowing!! :)
great ganesh :)
Good one. I hope u create the epic soon. Dint understand the line "Today, as you slowly dissolve in the river". Suicide huh?
really good gani ....:) ...
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