Monday, February 11, 2008


.... And Then There Were None

Had a whale of a time writing blogs. Taking a break for now. Should be back sometime. So until then, ciao. All the best in your life, both personal and professional.


Thursday, January 31, 2008


Just Movies....

Started another blog. :) On movies that I have watched and plan to watch. You ppl can pop in anytime and take a look. There is currently one post. There will be no posts about Fellini, Bergman, Satyajit Ray, etc, etc..... and all that bullshit. Just my views on movies that I have watched.....


Sunday, January 27, 2008



Oh well, the craze and mania is going to start again!! For now, it seems that Aishwarya has agreed to be the heroine. Hmmm..... so here's a scene from Robo for you folks, exclusively!! Remember that you ppl have seen it here first :)

Human Friend: Eppadi Robo, neenga oru iyanthiram. Ungalukkulla ippadi oru menmayaana manasaa?? (Inspite of being a robot, how are you very gentle?)

Robo Rajini : (Typical Rajini laughter).... Kannaa, naan veliyila thaan Hardware, Ulla epoathumae SOFTWARE!!!! (My dear, on the exterior, I am a Hardware; But on the interior, I am always a SOFTWARE!!)


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Monday, January 14, 2008



Dear car/ bike/ auto wallahs,

Hope you people are in the peach of health. My respect for you all has been constantly growing day by day. In the negative sense, that is. The reasons are many. For a start, the traffic signals exist for a reason. In case you didn’t know, they are there to regulate the traffic. So the next time you wait at the signal, don’t press the effing horn all the time. You can use the finger for better purposes. You will get your turn to move. And just because the counter shows 5 seconds, it doesn’t mean that you have the liberty to move and jam the roads for the people coming from other sides. You can be a fucking Neanderthal. But still, the others are pretty civilized. And just because you start moving, the people at the back honk. Your stupid act makes a lot of people to break the rules.

If you switch lanes or plan to over take a vehicle (including mine), use the indicator (yeah, the one that blinks when u push a switch), and use the horn. I am not an effing mind reader to know that you are going to switch lanes. Do use the horn, but please remember that the horn does not power your vehicle. Petrol/ diesel/ battery does. There is absolutely no need to keep your finger on the horn all the time. Once again, you can use the finger for better purposes.

Yep, there is a law for you to wear the helmet while on a bike and we do realize that you can break laws. But understand, you dimwit, that your life comes first. Pray tell me, what’s the use of wearing your helmet on your hand while driving? Your hairstyle is important. But you do need a head for all that. Or do you mean to say that your brain is totally devoid of anything? If people can bear the analogy, wearing your helmet on the hand and driving is very much akin to having a condom on your finger while having sex. Both (on unfamiliar territory) are extremely dangerous. And if you do wear a helmet, STRAP it. There’s no point in having an expensive helmet, but you don’t strap it. I am not going to talk about Bangalore traffic.

This is very much a rant. I am not irritated with everyone out there. And if it does make sense to you, and if you have this irritating habit, please dissuade yourself and your friends from making these mistakes.

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Monday, January 07, 2008


Whats In A Name??

“Names…. Names play a key role in a person’s life. They can make or break a man. They decide what you will become in your life. Take my son. He has started to make his living. He will definitely go places. His name is such. Look at me. If I stand before you as a respectable man in this society, it is because of the name that my parents gave me. My dad always told me that my name was given by Pandit. Ramasubbu.” His dad’s statements weren’t new to him. He quickly moved out of the room before his relatives had a chance to bombard him with inane questions like “When are you getting married?”

He saw his grandfather sitting in a corner. He liked him as he was a proper old timer and was always full of anecdotes about his work and those times. He went and sat near him. “So Rahul, how do you find work?” “It is okay thaathaa. It does get boring at times, sitting in one place. I plan to do higher studies after a year or two and get into a job where I can spread my wings everywhere and not just within ;)”

“Hmmm…. You young guys are not predictable. Good salary, good lifestyle and yet you are not satisfied with life. I guess it was good back then. We didn’t get the opportunity to speak out frankly and blast our bosses. I had a single boss throughout my career. Still we didn’t think about moving to other companies. We were very satisfied with life.” “So how did you vent your frustrations with your boss, thaathaa? You cant keep quiet every time. You do need a channel”

“Well, has your dad ever told you why I named him Vaitheeshwaran in the first place?” he winked. Pandit. Ramasubbu looped in Rahul’s head, as he shook his head and winked back.

PS: Happy New Year, ppl. :)


Sunday, December 23, 2007



He entered the house and called for his wife. It had been a long day. He saw her at the dining table. She was putting out his plate for him and she was deeply immersed in thought. He didnt know how to begin. It had been a day full of untoward developments. His mind went back to the meeting he had in the morning.

"I am pregnant", she had exclaimed. He didnt know what to say. He hadnt expected this. The main problem was that they were married. To different people. It wasnt that they hadnt taken precautions. It must have been the first few times.

He served himself Sambhar and Rice. He looked at her and tried to judge her mood. Would she be able to bear the shock after he told her the news? She was pre-occupied. All the more reason for him to tell her and get over with it.

"With this, the situation is getting out of hand, Ram. You need to get a divorce", she told him. He was initially hesitant. But she talked him into it. She was the king in this issue. He agreed to her demands and told her he would tell his wife.

"Latha, I need to discuss with you something. A crisis happened in my office today......". She cut him off before he could finish. "Ravi, can we talk?" He nodded and she continued, "I need a divorce". He asked her whether there was another man to which she replied yes and replied no when he asked her whether there was any way she could think about it. He stopped eating and washed his hands. His termination from his present job would no longer perturb her.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007


Con-Textual Usage

Pre Script: Long Time No See!! :)

It has been a general practice (or should it be practise??) in Tamil cinema to mute controversial dialogues or vulgar words in a song. Though the song sounds innocuous when heard, the censor doesnt relent. It mutes it out. All is well, except for the fact that it achieves what the lyricist wanted to do. Send out the meaning of the song to the public.

There exists the same practice in corporate culture. Profanities and F words are not allowed in emails, discussion forums, etc. I guess they employ a filter which has a pre defined list like sex, fuck, etc which takes that word and replaces it with ***. Fine, but I think that it should be CONTEXTUAL BASED, rather than filtering it out every time. You dont agree with me?? Well, take an example: The word "Illustration" was filtered out and replaced with ***. Why? Coz, that word I-L-L-U-S-T-R-A-T-I-O-N, contains the word, LUST. Funny, aint it??

So consider a discussion where people are discussing their place of origin. A guy from Sussex types in, "I come from Sussex". The only glitch is that, it will be displayed as, "I come from ***". Technically correct, yes, but what about the poor guy?? :) Take another example where a guy is leaving for onsite, and his place is Wessex. He wants to say farewell to his forum friends for now. He types in and it gets displayed as, "I am leaving for ***". :) You can imagine the comments that follow this.

I rest my case!! :)

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