Monday, January 14, 2008



Dear car/ bike/ auto wallahs,

Hope you people are in the peach of health. My respect for you all has been constantly growing day by day. In the negative sense, that is. The reasons are many. For a start, the traffic signals exist for a reason. In case you didn’t know, they are there to regulate the traffic. So the next time you wait at the signal, don’t press the effing horn all the time. You can use the finger for better purposes. You will get your turn to move. And just because the counter shows 5 seconds, it doesn’t mean that you have the liberty to move and jam the roads for the people coming from other sides. You can be a fucking Neanderthal. But still, the others are pretty civilized. And just because you start moving, the people at the back honk. Your stupid act makes a lot of people to break the rules.

If you switch lanes or plan to over take a vehicle (including mine), use the indicator (yeah, the one that blinks when u push a switch), and use the horn. I am not an effing mind reader to know that you are going to switch lanes. Do use the horn, but please remember that the horn does not power your vehicle. Petrol/ diesel/ battery does. There is absolutely no need to keep your finger on the horn all the time. Once again, you can use the finger for better purposes.

Yep, there is a law for you to wear the helmet while on a bike and we do realize that you can break laws. But understand, you dimwit, that your life comes first. Pray tell me, what’s the use of wearing your helmet on your hand while driving? Your hairstyle is important. But you do need a head for all that. Or do you mean to say that your brain is totally devoid of anything? If people can bear the analogy, wearing your helmet on the hand and driving is very much akin to having a condom on your finger while having sex. Both (on unfamiliar territory) are extremely dangerous. And if you do wear a helmet, STRAP it. There’s no point in having an expensive helmet, but you don’t strap it. I am not going to talk about Bangalore traffic.

This is very much a rant. I am not irritated with everyone out there. And if it does make sense to you, and if you have this irritating habit, please dissuade yourself and your friends from making these mistakes.

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driving is really a PAIN IN THE A$$ these days
asingap padutheetaanya!!! :)
thank god i don drive ;)
Yesterday, came across a bastard who kept honking throughout. What was the point? Bloody buggers.
Bike eh park pannitya?? feel pannama sollu da...kindal panna mattom!!! :)
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