Monday, October 08, 2007



In the recent spate of Universities giving doctorates to all undeserving candidates, I hereby cast my vote for the Mallu Bomb aka Chechi, Shakeela for the doctorate given by Dr. Prakash University. I am sure that you must be knowing that she is not an undeserving candidate. I can give you a list of her achievements like,

1) She was singlehandedly responsible for resurrecting the Mallu Porn industry.
2) She had previously induced fear in the hearts of stalwarts like Mammooty, Mohan Lal. They went to the extent of getting a stay order for her films.
3) The titles of her films will thrill my Guru Naathar, Thamizh Naattu Singam, TR. Its not everyday that movies with rhyming titles like, "Paappaa poatta Thaappaa" come.
4) At a time when dubbed movies had no scope, her movies were the only ones which could boast of a repeat audience.

Need I say more? I request you all to sign an online petition for her doctorate candidature. I will be sending the mail shortly. As for her wax statue at Madam Tussauds, they have declined the signed petition saying that the amount of wax they have is not enough to make half a Shakeela, leave alone a whole one.

Victory celebrations are already underway, foreseeing her victory. Visitors will be subject to her Belly dance (what else??), for the following song,

"Never seen her before act like this,
She makes a Mallu want to speak English,
Entha Molae, Entha Monae....
Shakeela, Shakeela....."

"Oh Mallu, when you talk like that....
You make this chechi go mad,
So be wise, and keep on,
Measuring the size of my body......"

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