Monday, September 25, 2006



Karthik* was in a spot. The situation was so. He had been caught watching “a movie” by his uncle. His mother had been notified, and she was horrified (expected, of course). It was his friend’s mistake. He had pestered Karthik* and they ended up watching it. His dad was away at work and his mom had gone for some work. He had completely forgotten about his uncle, who had come from Mumbai the previous day. He had got up, and caught them both watching the movie.

Karthik*’s friend had been duly dispatched for home after his parents were informed of the same. Karthik*’s dad came. He listened to his brother’s narration of the day’s events. Karthik knew the event that was to follow. His dad took out his belt and started hitting him.

When Karthik* could take it no more, he blurted out, “I took the cd from your shop”. Karthik*’s father had a cd shop.

So whose fault was it anyway?? :) :)

Karthik* --> Name changed to protect the guy's privacy!!


Thursday, September 07, 2006



Slightly long post…. Mokkaiyaa irunthaa slightly adjust maadii!! :)

Knowledge Transfer:
Oal Vidarathu is very commonly used by the college students in TN. Though it is supposed to be a profanity, it is commonly used as a slang for verbal diahorrea, i.e., Oalu vidaatha --> don’t shoot off from the mouth.

Article contd:

Oal-ogers is the term that I have affly given to Numerologers, Nameologers, Stonologers, Energyologers, etc, etc…. they just shoot off their mouths.

I always tune into Vijay tv at midnight (heck, not midnite masala, if that’s what u think :)). There is a program about names being the most important part of your life. A fucker there argues that the one with a good name will be successful in life. Was Bill Gates’ dad a numerology specialist?? He says that a name change from Praveen to Praaveen will make him rich. Good thing that he doesn’t change the ‘P’ to ‘B’. :)

There is one more program, where in a fully tonsured guy gives energy to all those who come there. He says that he can cure cancer and other diseases this way. He holds a T Square like object in his hand. There is a wire dangling at one end of that scale. You have to hold the other end of the wire. With the scale in his hand, he measures the energy in our body and gives energy, if found deficient (which will always be the case).

So imagine my surprise, when I tuned into Vijay TV one day. I didn’t know about this bugger’s program. He had a scale like object in his hand. There was a female comperer standing with her side profile seen. He remarked, “Munnaadi correctaa irukku. Pinnaadi thaan konjam koraiyuthu.” I almost fell off my chair, laughing. Then I came to know that he was talking about energy. LOL!!


Okay, Me is the Numer-oal-oger in Jayvi TV!! All your queries will be answered in a jiffy. Some samples from previous editions for your reference:

Audience 1: Sir, which are the best numbers?
Me: 36-24-36 & item numbers are the best. Their combo is even more deadly. Athuvum antha Simran dance onnu irukkae…… :)
Audience 1: (Ada kadavulae)… sir, sir, not that, sir. The worst number which a name can add upto.
Me: (Dei Goyya…) No one is specific with their queries these days. 7 ½ is the worst number that a name can add upto. All people have names adding upto 7 ½ until they come to me. Even if they don’t, my kanakku will always show ezharai.

Audience: *clap* *clap*

Karadi King TR had agreed to be a spl guest for one session. An excerpt from that session:

Serial Director: sir, I am a serial director. But my serials are not clicking. My serial is making people to laugh.
Me: That is good sir. Tremendous.
SD: But that is a sentimental serial sir.
Me: What is the name of your serial?
SD: Samuthiram sir.
Me: s+a+m+u+t+h+i+r+a+m= 7 ½. If you look here sir, it adds up to an unlucky number. Rename it as Samoothiram. It also adds up to ur number. :)
SD: Sir?? You want me to keep the name of the serial as urine.
TR (slightly tensed) : Dei, Moothiramum uppu,
Samuthiramum uppu,
Thaaikulangaloda kanneerum uppu,
Quarter adichaa varum mappu,
Ithu theriyalainna un kannathila vizhum appu,
Aei Dandanakka, aei danakku dakkaan

Dei, sir oda numerologynaala naan en katchi paera LA.THI.MU.KA vilurunthu ippo LATHI.MU.KA nnu maathikkittaen daa.

SD: Aiyiyyae… sir, unga kanakku thappaa varuthae??
Me: No cross questions. Fees koduthuttu abase aayikko.

Audience: *clap* *clap*

Me signing off for now!! :)

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Where art Thou, Music Maestros??

"Buthi ulla Manitharellaam vetri kaanbathillai,
Vetri petra manitharellaam Buthisaali illai"

An old song goes like this. This song was sung by Chandrababu, a comedian/ character artiste in Tamil industry of yore. The meaning is, "Not all those who have brains win, And not all those who win are brainy." I am missing those type of songs nowadays. These are the songs which soothe you. They kinda relax you. Those days, a lot of importance was given to the lyrics. The music always underplayed in the songs. And look at the songs we have nowadays.

"Keeya Meeya keeya meeya keeya meeya re,
Kozhi kari soup samaichu vanthaalae"

Seriously, can anyone give me the meaning of that crap..... makes me think, "Maybe I can write better lyrics??" Almost all songs start with, "Danakku dakkun danakku dakkun......" Even Melodies, of today have an underlying bass effect, which is refreshing for somedays but then gets a tad irritating. If one song becomes a hit, the musicians think they have got the pulse of people and just go on with them. Plus, an emergence of a lot of discotheques nowadays have increased the demand for all these fast moving songs and remixes. A lot of present day songs are also good, but you cant help feeling a sense of deja vu. "Havent I heard it before??", is the thought that immediately springs to your mind!!

Agreed... even I hear these songs, but when I am going thru a period of turbulence, I always go back to the melodies of yesteryears. Suits me better!!


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