Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Where art Thou, Music Maestros??

"Buthi ulla Manitharellaam vetri kaanbathillai,
Vetri petra manitharellaam Buthisaali illai"

An old song goes like this. This song was sung by Chandrababu, a comedian/ character artiste in Tamil industry of yore. The meaning is, "Not all those who have brains win, And not all those who win are brainy." I am missing those type of songs nowadays. These are the songs which soothe you. They kinda relax you. Those days, a lot of importance was given to the lyrics. The music always underplayed in the songs. And look at the songs we have nowadays.

"Keeya Meeya keeya meeya keeya meeya re,
Kozhi kari soup samaichu vanthaalae"

Seriously, can anyone give me the meaning of that crap..... makes me think, "Maybe I can write better lyrics??" Almost all songs start with, "Danakku dakkun danakku dakkun......" Even Melodies, of today have an underlying bass effect, which is refreshing for somedays but then gets a tad irritating. If one song becomes a hit, the musicians think they have got the pulse of people and just go on with them. Plus, an emergence of a lot of discotheques nowadays have increased the demand for all these fast moving songs and remixes. A lot of present day songs are also good, but you cant help feeling a sense of deja vu. "Havent I heard it before??", is the thought that immediately springs to your mind!!

Agreed... even I hear these songs, but when I am going thru a period of turbulence, I always go back to the melodies of yesteryears. Suits me better!!


thats very true ganesh..........
who can forget"ninaipathelam nadandhuvittal....." and all those mind soothers
Seriously I did not expect a blog like this from you.Another dimension to Ganesh's personality is it?

Well yeah what you say is true.Lyrics do not make sense these days.But in a way, it does not matter because I think some songs just make you feel better because of the music although the lyrics may not make sense.
The lyrics sometimes r good..but I just dont understand it :) They r sung is a totally diffrent accent and they r hid behing the bass.
Couldn't agree more!

PS- BTW, Is this your blog? You sound serious which SOO unlike you!!
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