Sunday, February 25, 2007


The Duke Of Puke!!

Raj couldn't stop himself. He kept stuffing and stuffing and stuffing himself. It continued day after day and week after week. But the stuffing varied on a daily basis. It was more on some days and on some other days, it was less. His parents became more worried day by day. But they cudnt stop him. He had to do it.

One fine day, the puking started. He puked every day until he couldn't puke any more for that day. He resumed puking the next day. Even the puking varied . He puked more on some days and very less on some other day. His friends were doing the same....

It finally ended when the board exams got over.

-- Dedicated to the kids puking in the exams due to the (Insert any profanities U know) guys who have made it a custom to puke in exams


Monday, February 12, 2007


Bandh(ar) guys!! :)

Imagine getting up in the morning, knowing that you will not have decent food for that day. Imagine a day where in you stay home through out the day and do nothing. Imagine that this is not imaginary, but real.

Disclaimer: This is not the lateshht ad for Samsung. For people getting confused with Imagine. :)

Being single is not the worst that can happen to an eligible (ok, that was uncalled for :) ) bachelor like me. No, seriously trust me guys. For all Non-karnataka guys, this might be hard to digest. But yes, that’s the UNDILUTED truth. It’s the hardships caused by these bandh(ar??) guys. A whole day huddled inside the house, no tamil channels, with only maggi noodles and coffee for food. Now how cool is that? But I guess, for the married couples, esp for the guy, this might be bliss, as the wife wouldn’t be able to watch tamil serials, and torture the guy further. :)

Get up in the morning. Sleepiness. Complain. Take bath. Not very hot water. Curse. Dress up. Shoe not polished well. Use profanities. Take the bus. Horrible traffic. Tear hair. Reach office. Comfortable cubicle. Sleep. :)

For a guy like me who has a comfortable routine like the one mentioned above, Monday was a total letdown. These are the times where I get jealous of the guys who are married. Hey, don’t get carried away. It’s just for food sake. :) Bread butter and jam for breakfast. Since we didn’t cook it, it tasted yummy. I made coffee for the whole house. Thanks Ashok, for complementing me on the taste of coffee. For a guy who gets chastised at home, that I can’t even boil water, this was a huge step forward. Neways, lunch time came and we had noodles. Guess with the variety of noodles made, we could have started a restaurant. From watery to sticky types. U name it and we have it. :)

News on TV didn’t provide much coverage except for showing images where men carried buckets and stuff in the roads. I liked one slogan though. “Aiyyayyo anniyaayaa, ayyoyyo anniyaayaa…..” It went on like that. Nice one. Should try that the next time I get my payslip. :) Since tamil channels were cut, we resorted to seeing MTV, V and other informative chanels. ;-)

Evening came. We, reassured by people that restaurants would open after 1800 hrs, didn’t stock up much. But then, every damn shop was closed. Ashok observed that a shop was crowded. We walked upto it only to find that it was a wine shop. God, people are on strike asking for water, and here are people, clamoring for a quarter. Maybe they should change the name of Bangalore to Bar-galore. At last, we found that a mess was open. “only Anna Sambhar (no, its not a sibling of Anna Kournikova”)…. Was the announcement given to us. Though Boju kept muttering, we did have nice food.

That’s it. We then reached home and slept nicely, in the hope that company would be there the next day, so that we can have nice food. Btw, when will lunch time come?? :)

PS: For ppl who have come up till here, u have wallpapers of the heroine of casino royale? Eva Green? If so, please mail them to me. Statutory warning: Searching for Hollywood heroines wallpapers during Office time using Google image search will be harmful. To your job, that is!! :-D


Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Ramblings II…..

Never have I pushed myself so much to blog…. The fact is I am at a dead end again. I am unsure of what to blog. Reservation?? Nah, that will be like flogging the dead horse. Ban on blogs? Same reason as the first. Sex? Will be spammed (hey, I am hoping too much here… :-D) with comments like, “Ganesh, thought u were a good boy!!” (of course I am :) ). Not to mention the comments like, “Sex, um….. is that a synonym for gender?”. The recent ban on action on TV… err…. Action TV to be precise? Nope…. No amount of cribbing will make those “I was delivered to my parents by a stork” people change their minds. BTW, I am a fan of those “The World’s sexiest commercials”, :-(. They were very creative. Education? Yikes, me vomiting now!! Alcohol? What's that? Is it that -OH group that I studied long back when I was in XIIth??

So here am I without a topic on which to blog!! It’s a boring world out here.

PS: I was asked to exercise regularly by my well wishers (even I have well wishers, thank you)when I joined this industry. Am happy to inform you all that I AM still thin. (so what if it is only my fingers from all the typing!!)

PS II : Boss calling…. Hence making it short. Cya guys!! :)


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