Sunday, February 25, 2007


The Duke Of Puke!!

Raj couldn't stop himself. He kept stuffing and stuffing and stuffing himself. It continued day after day and week after week. But the stuffing varied on a daily basis. It was more on some days and on some other days, it was less. His parents became more worried day by day. But they cudnt stop him. He had to do it.

One fine day, the puking started. He puked every day until he couldn't puke any more for that day. He resumed puking the next day. Even the puking varied . He puked more on some days and very less on some other day. His friends were doing the same....

It finally ended when the board exams got over.

-- Dedicated to the kids puking in the exams due to the (Insert any profanities U know) guys who have made it a custom to puke in exams


Nalladhan eruku..
Mokka ****
To puke - have milk from the pantry early in the morning! yukk!! esp these days!
buddy u shud try writing some serious stuff once in a while... Don't make ur writing one dimentional.. anyways, looking at this seperately, U rock!!
@ Bharath,
From one Badu to another. Thanx!!

@ Prima,

@ Chi,
Serious stuff is tuff man. Will try then next time. Thanx for the compliment, though!!
hey good...feel like pukin at the thot of those "sombu" studs!!!!
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