Sunday, December 23, 2007



He entered the house and called for his wife. It had been a long day. He saw her at the dining table. She was putting out his plate for him and she was deeply immersed in thought. He didnt know how to begin. It had been a day full of untoward developments. His mind went back to the meeting he had in the morning.

"I am pregnant", she had exclaimed. He didnt know what to say. He hadnt expected this. The main problem was that they were married. To different people. It wasnt that they hadnt taken precautions. It must have been the first few times.

He served himself Sambhar and Rice. He looked at her and tried to judge her mood. Would she be able to bear the shock after he told her the news? She was pre-occupied. All the more reason for him to tell her and get over with it.

"With this, the situation is getting out of hand, Ram. You need to get a divorce", she told him. He was initially hesitant. But she talked him into it. She was the king in this issue. He agreed to her demands and told her he would tell his wife.

"Latha, I need to discuss with you something. A crisis happened in my office today......". She cut him off before he could finish. "Ravi, can we talk?" He nodded and she continued, "I need a divorce". He asked her whether there was another man to which she replied yes and replied no when he asked her whether there was any way she could think about it. He stopped eating and washed his hands. His termination from his present job would no longer perturb her.

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