Wednesday, August 30, 2006



Ok, here we go again…. This one is a sort of continuation to my previous poem and hence the title. Again a short one….

Loads of work beckoned me,
But thoughts of her set me free,

Any sounds of laughter that I hear,
Always tells me that she is somewhere near,

With her, I was full of glee,
That was until she left me,

I wanted one last word with her and ask her why,
But when I looked up, I got no response from the sky!!

--> G@\E$#


Monday, August 21, 2006



CAT is around the corner and almost everyone’s been bitten by the CAT fever nowadays. So I thought I would pitch in by posting a CAT question in my blog. This article is related to logical reasoning. Logical reasoning plays a very important part in CAT exams. They test whether you will be able to deduce complete info from the facts given in the question. If you are a big fan of Vijayakanth, Vijay, Rajinikanth, Dhanush, Simbu, Sunny Deol, Junior NTR, Balakrishna (phew, lets face it…. It is logically impossible to give the entire list :) ) and lap up their movies without paying any heed to the logical flaws, this will be the section you need to spruce up a bit. Questions are like these:

If A has been sleeping with D, the spouse of C, who is in turn friends with B, the spouse of A, and A’s mom is romancing C’s dad, what will be the relation between A and D? This particular question is related to Family Tree. (zoober family!!)

Now if you have watched KANK, the answer will strike u in a flash, that A and D are soul mates and are destined to be husband and wife after crying bucket loads. If you are from Chennai, you will think that A and D are sole mates. :). But since, not many will have the patience and sanity to endure KANK, they will be dazed by the question. Whatever, this is what CAT is all about. (No, it’s not about KANK). You need to have your options clear, which will make your CAT exam easier and better.

Neways, here is my question. Get ready with your paper and pen. Even if you are not taking CAT, this will do u good in sharpening your intellectual skills.

A foto of 4 women has been given below. If Ayesha is to the extreme right in the pic, and Fathima is in between Fazeena and Parveen, what is the color of Fathima’s skin?? FYI, There are no visual rounds in CAT. This is just a sample. Scroll down to see the foto and answer.

If anybody knows the answer, plz post it in the comments section!! :)

P.S: CAT has some more sections like Verbal ability, Analytical questions, etc. Questions from other sections will be up soon. :)

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Sunday, August 13, 2006


Random Ramblings!!

It has been a year now, well almost a year, since I have come to Bangalore. Its been a love-hate relationship with Bangalore. I hate it because of the traffic (will the govt change the name to TRASSIC?? I am sick of it.) and the high rents. Chennai or better still, Salem is paradise. The owner of the pg I was living in got around 80 k per month, that too, tax free money.

Reasons for loving the place?? Lotsa reasons. The way people interact with each other, the way ppl don’t shy away from off color jokes, the malls, the pubs (without which this one year would have been dreary!!). People here are very friendly, and if u don’t make any friends, u are either a dumbo or a hardcore… lemme complete :) introvert!! For ppl who don’t have friends, don’t worry. I will introduce u to a wonder boy. That guy is a maverick in establishing networks. What say, Sriki?? :)

Before coming to Bangalore, my friend set 2 objectives in life.
1) Get a bike
2) Get a Date

Now the poor guy’s bank balance is so low that, save a bike, he cant get a cycle also. As for a date, the nearest he could get his hands on were a pack of lion dates. :)

Conversing with a Banglorite is very simple. You just need to know a bit of Engliphish. Plus, the following words: Dude, Bugger, Awesome, I mean…., Chick (don’t go for the tamil meaning :) ). Insert the above words as many times as possible into ur sentences. Most commonly used profanities are B**tard and f*** off. Use them against a guy u are close with. Remember the times we used to say, “dei, okka makka, inga vaa daa!!” Also the more the dudes in ur sentences, the more hep u are. In tamil, if you used to remark, “Machi, padam pattaasa irunthathu”, then its, “Dude, the pic was awesome man” in Bangalore.

Initially I found Kannada language a bit (??) funny. No hard feelings… coz there are similar words in Tamil with entirely different meanings. Like “Banni” which means “come” in Kannada and “Pig” in Tamil, “saakku” which means “Enough” in kannada and “sack” in tamil, “baekku” meaning “want” in kannada and “Mental case” in Tamil.

Rumor has it that the Godzilla was first sighted in Karnataka. When the firangis sighted the gr8 beast, they asked the local ppl, the name of the beast. The local men replied, “Gothilla” (don’t know)… and it became “Godzilla” :)

Ok, ok…. For ppl exclaiming “saakku, saakku” (“enough enough”), my reply is “Nee thaan baekku.” If it is a gal, take the meaning as per the kannada dialect. If if is a boy, take it as per the tamil dialect.

:) :)

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The Newcomer

The D-Day had at last come. He got up, took a good bath and looked at himself in the mirror. Perfect…. It was his birthday. It was also the day that he was bringing Shyla home. He had spoken to his parents about the same. They had refused at first. He then arranged for them to meet her.

They both agreed that she was lovely and adorable. They had no issue whatsoever. Until then, Shyla had had a sad life. He father had run away after making her mother pregnant. Her mother had died at childbirth. But he didn’t care about the family lineage. Since she was an orphan, he had no problems in bringing her to his house.

He reached the area where she presently lived. “Shy….” She came running into his arms even before he could finish. “Ready to come to my house?” he asked her.

“Yip, Yip”, replied Shyla, the puppy. It was a perfect birthday for 10 year old Raju. :)


Thursday, August 03, 2006


No clue!!

Damn!! No clue, these days on what to blog!! Blogger's block, maybe?? Neways, thought of posting this one long time back.... was contemplating coz the persons involved are known to me very much!! neways, here goes....

The following is a mail transcript. Read the sentences in bold, from bottom to top....

yyy: hey sorry man, it was supposed to be a mail only then will u reply and tat was sent yesterday to catch ur eyes......for the pure craziness in that as i came late yesterday and didn't know if u ave

xxx:How am I supposed to know? Ask yourself

- xxx

yyy: Hey xxx, have i come to office today or what?

Now if someone cud interpret what yyy wanted to say?? :)

and for ppl who think,"Gawd, this is a very lame post".... will be back with another short story soon!! Plz wait maadiiiiii!!!! :)

Statutory warning: Some of the forthcoming articles might contain liberal amount of profanities....


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