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CAT is around the corner and almost everyone’s been bitten by the CAT fever nowadays. So I thought I would pitch in by posting a CAT question in my blog. This article is related to logical reasoning. Logical reasoning plays a very important part in CAT exams. They test whether you will be able to deduce complete info from the facts given in the question. If you are a big fan of Vijayakanth, Vijay, Rajinikanth, Dhanush, Simbu, Sunny Deol, Junior NTR, Balakrishna (phew, lets face it…. It is logically impossible to give the entire list :) ) and lap up their movies without paying any heed to the logical flaws, this will be the section you need to spruce up a bit. Questions are like these:

If A has been sleeping with D, the spouse of C, who is in turn friends with B, the spouse of A, and A’s mom is romancing C’s dad, what will be the relation between A and D? This particular question is related to Family Tree. (zoober family!!)

Now if you have watched KANK, the answer will strike u in a flash, that A and D are soul mates and are destined to be husband and wife after crying bucket loads. If you are from Chennai, you will think that A and D are sole mates. :). But since, not many will have the patience and sanity to endure KANK, they will be dazed by the question. Whatever, this is what CAT is all about. (No, it’s not about KANK). You need to have your options clear, which will make your CAT exam easier and better.

Neways, here is my question. Get ready with your paper and pen. Even if you are not taking CAT, this will do u good in sharpening your intellectual skills.

A foto of 4 women has been given below. If Ayesha is to the extreme right in the pic, and Fathima is in between Fazeena and Parveen, what is the color of Fathima’s skin?? FYI, There are no visual rounds in CAT. This is just a sample. Scroll down to see the foto and answer.

If anybody knows the answer, plz post it in the comments section!! :)

P.S: CAT has some more sections like Verbal ability, Analytical questions, etc. Questions from other sections will be up soon. :)

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Fantastic blog man.
Can we have an unmasked phota??!!....all i can say is that female cant be tanned one ..he he itz all ALLAH KI MARZI ;-)
Can we have an unmasked phota??!!....all i can say is that female cant be a tanned one ..he he itz all ALLAH KI MARZI ;-)
AMazing post. ur gettin better wid each post. gr8 going..

Reg the color of fatima..(and infact all of them),
they are anything but colorful ...
isnt it???
in line with the previous comments, u r getting better...and BTW, color of whoever...inna nekkala? idayum CATayum comparison vera....
I suddenly seem to be having color blindness!! ;-) May be I am blinded by the brightness (not to mention the cheeriness) of your blog!! :-) "Getting better" is what everyone says BUT I choose to say that you're talented and you're best is yet to come.. :-) Great going! :-)
Too good man.This is your best blog to date.Keep it up.
Hey... Ur creativity n how u present it s awesome(following ur b'lorian slang)... Keep Going... Good work yaar!!! :-)
This helped me in my preparations man ! looking forward to the rest ! great work !
Ya Allah, Why such kind of twists?

Ha Ha
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