Friday, March 23, 2007



Its accepted that people still want to keep in touch with each other and wish Good night or morning, or whatever time of the day it is. This is best done with a simple Good Morning/ Night/ Afternoon. But generally this is not the case. People, it seems, always like to spout some crap before wishing. This is evident from some SMSes I get. All in good thought, agreed.... but sometimes it gets pretty tedious. Here are some I have got....

* Once you care for a person, you will always do the same. For whats in your mind may escape, but if it is in your heart, it will always remain. Good Night!!

(If it's a gal's heart, the better, eh?? :) )

* Value the people who have touched your life, because u'll nvr know just when they'll walk out of ur life and nvr cum back then..... We live life only once. Gn.

(Check your spellings or short forms dear.... a simple mistake or a blank will change the entire word/ meaning. Therapist and the rapist, u see!! :) )

* Winning horse doent know y it rns in race. It runs because of beats and pains. life is a race. god is ur rider. so if u r in pain, then think God wants u to win. Good night!!

(Ghost rider has come... now God Rider, huh?? )

* Love comes into your heart and comes out of the eyes as tears. But Friendship comes into your heart and always stays there. Good Morning!!

(Can we love our friend then?? :) )

Neways, Save My Soul from these SMSes Gawd!!


Thursday, March 22, 2007



Egad, Save My Soul!!

coming up...

Monday, March 19, 2007


Jai Shri Shri Mata

"Arjun, I am worried about our child. His teacher tells me that, he is not able to concentrate in class. It seems that he always looks out of class, or day dreams. What shall we do? We have to get his concentration back."
"Kala, Its all a part of growing up. We will see how it shapes up. But if you dont want to wait, my colleague was talking about a place here. He told me that they develop powers of concentration over there. Tha Mata over there is very powerful. We will go to her...."

Mataji Ashram:
"Please wait here. Mataji will be here soon. You can tell her your problems and she will take care of it." Arjun and Kala were ushered to a room by a disciple. "When was this started? From where did Mataji come?", Arjun could not contain his curiosity.
"It all started with a Yoga class in Banashankari.... Oh, here comes Mataji herself."

Everyone stood to welcome Mata Ashwiniananda Mayi.

:) :) :) :)

PS: If you dont understand this story.... sorry, but this was custom made for a very good friend of mine. :)


Monday, March 12, 2007


Weekend watch!!

Sample this.... A big bungalow, women in white sarees with no blouses (They are widows in India, some 50 yeard back, u sillies), go to a gigantic window, with sieves in their hand, and look at the moon through the sieves, and then at their husbands' photos on the wall. They pray for the welfare of their husband's souls. The hero lands in a helicoptor and comes to the bungalow of the widows. He falls in love with a nubile widow and after much fights, tears, and hugs, they all unite. Phew.... Thankfully Deepa Mehta is no Karan Johar!! :)

I saw water recently. For ppl who dont know it, Water is Canada's official entry to the Oscars. It made into the last Six. So water with an Indian cast and director, makes it into the Oscars as Canada's entry. Talk about Globalisation.

Though the movie has a good theme, it is elevated much higher, due to "Chuiya", the small girl and Seema Biswas. The movie looks at the plight of the Widows in India, some 50 years back. There are some side tracks like the love between John and Lisa, how the widows serve as prostitutes, conversation between John, and his friend.

The cast is ok, but still I would have preferred Nandita as the young widow instead of Lisa Ray. Come on.... John looks at Lisa and falls in love. ok... but who wouldnt?? ;-) Any guy would marry Lisa even if she were widowed ten times. :-D Nandita, I am sure, would have brought a more earthy feel to the movie.

White sarees, Lisa Ray.... The director has to be commended for not keeping scenes where the heroine gets drenched. The warden of the ashram, an actor named Manorama, also does a good job. The music was very good. The cinematography has to BE commended. Sometimes melodramatic, I guess this was needed for the oscars.

Overall, the movie was good, but I liked Hey Ram better.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

He was at his friend's marriage. The buffet was sumptuous. There was Tomato soup, Gobi manchurian, Spring rolls, noodles, Fried rice, Salad, Vegetables in hong kong style, veg balls in garlic sauce, (he was veg), Vanilla and strawberry ice cream and all varieties of puddings for dinner. He wished the bride and bridegroom good luck and went home. His mother was waiting for him. He sat down at the table, as she served him curd rice. Satisfied with that, he let out a small burp.

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Monday, March 05, 2007


Nokia N70 + Effects + An Innocent face (Me, obviously) + Some handiwork of mine = The above fotos!! :)

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Thursday, March 01, 2007



I have decided to become an entrepreneur in the near future. Anyone whose name starts with the alphabet ‘G’ can join me. Coz the company’s name is gonna be "G-Strings softwear solutions". Now don’t get me wrong. This has nothing to do with ‘G-Strings’. For the guys who don’t know about G-Strings, I would suggest that you all grow up. For God’s sake, don’t be a typical s/w engineer and Google it now. Maybe you can wiki it. Nah… don’t do that either. As for the gals who haven’t heard about G-Strings, No Comments!! :)

Anyway, this has nothing to do with G-Strings, nor software solutions (if you look back, the typo in the company name is not really a typo). No sir, not at all. My head quarters will be at Tiruppur. Aha, I can see the faint glint of recognition in your eyes, as you read Tiruppur. Yes, you have got it correct. It’s gonna be an inner apparels shop. Then why not G-Strings?? Because they are not supposed to be inner wear, got it?? I hope that, now the “softwear” part of the name is self explanatory. :) I am looking out for a tagline now. For now, whoever comes up with a tag line will get good discounts after I open my factory. You can also boast to your friends, that you are wearing “Factory Branded” stuff.

People wanting to invest in my company will be made partners. They won’t be the owners, but will be a level below them, and will get the same benefits as I. The company will be never made public. We strive for the welfare of the people’s privacy and hence do not desire publicity!! :) There will be no swipe or wipe timings, and the salary will be quite enough for the cost of living at Tiruppur.

Don’t worry if you are in the software industry now. As a matter of fact, if you are good in threads, please mail me your resume, as threads exist in this industry also. Persons with open and creative minds can apply.


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