Friday, March 23, 2007



Its accepted that people still want to keep in touch with each other and wish Good night or morning, or whatever time of the day it is. This is best done with a simple Good Morning/ Night/ Afternoon. But generally this is not the case. People, it seems, always like to spout some crap before wishing. This is evident from some SMSes I get. All in good thought, agreed.... but sometimes it gets pretty tedious. Here are some I have got....

* Once you care for a person, you will always do the same. For whats in your mind may escape, but if it is in your heart, it will always remain. Good Night!!

(If it's a gal's heart, the better, eh?? :) )

* Value the people who have touched your life, because u'll nvr know just when they'll walk out of ur life and nvr cum back then..... We live life only once. Gn.

(Check your spellings or short forms dear.... a simple mistake or a blank will change the entire word/ meaning. Therapist and the rapist, u see!! :) )

* Winning horse doent know y it rns in race. It runs because of beats and pains. life is a race. god is ur rider. so if u r in pain, then think God wants u to win. Good night!!

(Ghost rider has come... now God Rider, huh?? )

* Love comes into your heart and comes out of the eyes as tears. But Friendship comes into your heart and always stays there. Good Morning!!

(Can we love our friend then?? :) )

Neways, Save My Soul from these SMSes Gawd!!


Wat abt Happy weekend..enjoy maadi..???:-)
@ UG,
Thats the pt I am trying to drive home. Just "Happy weekend, Enjoyy maaadi" doesnt irritate. U convey the msg directly. But having a mile length of some advive and then the msg?? Thats what I am against.
watever...tats was me..Nash!!!!
@ Nash,
Had a doubt that it mght be u after that orkut incident!! :)
uuf....dont remind me of tat crap..wonderin y did i ever do tat..!!
Hmmm.. Point taken..
True !!! A sensible blog for a change . Happy Week ... enjoy maadi :-)
Hmmm.. Have stopped GM, GN messages now :)
Ganesh, u knw wat, if i make my comment(tht s VERY explosive in nature), i wud die 2nite 4, wait till u get back home n u can hear it in front of the other roomies ;)..
@other roomies- We r gonna hv one hellova time guys... Wish Ashok was around.. but, guess Avi wud fill up the void
gans i wud like to differ...chuck the bad ones nd be open to the good ones yar :)
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