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I have decided to become an entrepreneur in the near future. Anyone whose name starts with the alphabet ‘G’ can join me. Coz the company’s name is gonna be "G-Strings softwear solutions". Now don’t get me wrong. This has nothing to do with ‘G-Strings’. For the guys who don’t know about G-Strings, I would suggest that you all grow up. For God’s sake, don’t be a typical s/w engineer and Google it now. Maybe you can wiki it. Nah… don’t do that either. As for the gals who haven’t heard about G-Strings, No Comments!! :)

Anyway, this has nothing to do with G-Strings, nor software solutions (if you look back, the typo in the company name is not really a typo). No sir, not at all. My head quarters will be at Tiruppur. Aha, I can see the faint glint of recognition in your eyes, as you read Tiruppur. Yes, you have got it correct. It’s gonna be an inner apparels shop. Then why not G-Strings?? Because they are not supposed to be inner wear, got it?? I hope that, now the “softwear” part of the name is self explanatory. :) I am looking out for a tagline now. For now, whoever comes up with a tag line will get good discounts after I open my factory. You can also boast to your friends, that you are wearing “Factory Branded” stuff.

People wanting to invest in my company will be made partners. They won’t be the owners, but will be a level below them, and will get the same benefits as I. The company will be never made public. We strive for the welfare of the people’s privacy and hence do not desire publicity!! :) There will be no swipe or wipe timings, and the salary will be quite enough for the cost of living at Tiruppur.

Don’t worry if you are in the software industry now. As a matter of fact, if you are good in threads, please mail me your resume, as threads exist in this industry also. Persons with open and creative minds can apply.


LOL! LOL! LOL! I'm out of words to comment.. !! :-D
I googled for "Tiruppur" too :)
Wat abt ur grocery store :D
@ Prima,

@ Ash,
"Tiruppur" too?? Dont tell me U googled for G-Strings!! :)

@ Maddy,
Its all a bijinejj conlomerate!! ;-)
i want to stay away frm this :D
@ Sriki,
Yup... Maappu. Presence of my factory product will obstruct ur job!! :)
Unnoda moonjikku g-strings pathi post kekkudha?
Thooooooo. And for the uninitiated, it means spit on your butt ugly face.
Thanx for the complement, and a gentle reminder.... when U switch off the monitor, it will relect ur ugly butt, oops... face. Neways, My ass, ur face.... Whats the diff?? Have a nice day!! :)
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