Monday, March 05, 2007


Nokia N70 + Effects + An Innocent face (Me, obviously) + Some handiwork of mine = The above fotos!! :)

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mmm....these photos r nice but I like ur stories better :)
@ Ashwini,
U got urself a story, in the next post or the one after that.

Title: To be decided
Starring: Ashwini :)

And thanx for the complements abt the foto. :)
Looks like you're planning to increase your fan following!! :-p ;-)
Warning to everyone - Dont be fooled by that innocent face! Looks are deceptive,, ;-))
U dont u frame it and put it in your cubicle??
Think u shud put those fotos on the wanted list in wipro :-p... Don't b pissed with me.. I was talkin abt the wanted list as in- the "list prepared by the gals as the guys whom they want ;-)"
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