Monday, March 19, 2007


Jai Shri Shri Mata

"Arjun, I am worried about our child. His teacher tells me that, he is not able to concentrate in class. It seems that he always looks out of class, or day dreams. What shall we do? We have to get his concentration back."
"Kala, Its all a part of growing up. We will see how it shapes up. But if you dont want to wait, my colleague was talking about a place here. He told me that they develop powers of concentration over there. Tha Mata over there is very powerful. We will go to her...."

Mataji Ashram:
"Please wait here. Mataji will be here soon. You can tell her your problems and she will take care of it." Arjun and Kala were ushered to a room by a disciple. "When was this started? From where did Mataji come?", Arjun could not contain his curiosity.
"It all started with a Yoga class in Banashankari.... Oh, here comes Mataji herself."

Everyone stood to welcome Mata Ashwiniananda Mayi.

:) :) :) :)

PS: If you dont understand this story.... sorry, but this was custom made for a very good friend of mine. :)


My turn to say NoC.. ;-) :-p
can i take a guess :P
All i can say is 'mata is indeed great' :D
ha ha ha..thats wat happens to ur friends??:-)
U escaped!! :)

@ Sriki,
'Mata is indeed great'... carry on bro, she scare u so much that U sing her praises?? :-P ;-)

@ Janet,
What to do Jet?? sila vedikkai manithargal!! ;-)
All I say is .... GRRRRRR. Forget being a mata....I wonder if i will survive a month of yoga!
Who inspired Mataji to join the yoga classes in Banashankari :P ;)
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