Monday, March 12, 2007


Weekend watch!!

Sample this.... A big bungalow, women in white sarees with no blouses (They are widows in India, some 50 yeard back, u sillies), go to a gigantic window, with sieves in their hand, and look at the moon through the sieves, and then at their husbands' photos on the wall. They pray for the welfare of their husband's souls. The hero lands in a helicoptor and comes to the bungalow of the widows. He falls in love with a nubile widow and after much fights, tears, and hugs, they all unite. Phew.... Thankfully Deepa Mehta is no Karan Johar!! :)

I saw water recently. For ppl who dont know it, Water is Canada's official entry to the Oscars. It made into the last Six. So water with an Indian cast and director, makes it into the Oscars as Canada's entry. Talk about Globalisation.

Though the movie has a good theme, it is elevated much higher, due to "Chuiya", the small girl and Seema Biswas. The movie looks at the plight of the Widows in India, some 50 years back. There are some side tracks like the love between John and Lisa, how the widows serve as prostitutes, conversation between John, and his friend.

The cast is ok, but still I would have preferred Nandita as the young widow instead of Lisa Ray. Come on.... John looks at Lisa and falls in love. ok... but who wouldnt?? ;-) Any guy would marry Lisa even if she were widowed ten times. :-D Nandita, I am sure, would have brought a more earthy feel to the movie.

White sarees, Lisa Ray.... The director has to be commended for not keeping scenes where the heroine gets drenched. The warden of the ashram, an actor named Manorama, also does a good job. The music was very good. The cinematography has to BE commended. Sometimes melodramatic, I guess this was needed for the oscars.

Overall, the movie was good, but I liked Hey Ram better.


I heard that the music is nice in the movie.
John looks at Lisa and falls in love. ok... and Lisa says yes... who wouldnt?? ;-)
Have not watched the movie :) Anyways nice review :)
@ Ashwini,
uh huh... Typical of U!! ;-)
This is in connecion with a widow and not a typical love story.
Is it a movie worth watching on a Friday evening? :-p ;-)

Imp part of your review - Lisa Ray is pretty. She used to be in all those Lakme ads if I'm not wrong.. (long time back) Was she lost all these days?
i like the costume of the widows :D
Nandita Das??? :O.. God knows where the story cud've headed!!!
I can just keep guessing.
@ Srikanth and Ashwin,
Grow up guys!! :) Behave like Corporates and not Corporations!! ;-)
Well.. Lisa ray replaced by Nandita Das.. Dude, I wudn't hv come 4 the movie then ;-)..

n as far as the movie goes, a simple story depicted in a very nice way.. The best part was when Lisa ray dies(as u rightly said-Unlike Karan johar movies gosh!!).. She just so silently goes into the water.. The little gal Chuhiya is just awsome..
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