Wednesday, August 30, 2006



Ok, here we go again…. This one is a sort of continuation to my previous poem and hence the title. Again a short one….

Loads of work beckoned me,
But thoughts of her set me free,

Any sounds of laughter that I hear,
Always tells me that she is somewhere near,

With her, I was full of glee,
That was until she left me,

I wanted one last word with her and ask her why,
But when I looked up, I got no response from the sky!!

--> G@\E$#


COol poem! Guess u can write a book called "TWISTED" !!
a good poem man.
This is good Ganesh...n esp when u read it in continuation with the previous poem.
Naaaa...u can do better maapu
@ Ashwin, Karthik,
Thanx Guyz.
@ Ashwini,
Thanx for remembering the previous poem :)

@ Srikanth,
Hope u like the next article!! :)
never knew u could write poems too.. really cool..
ganesu....orae love than orae feelings than ....... somethings fishy da:-)
@ Janet,
Fishy illa Janet, karuvaadu!! :)
@ Janet,
Fishy illa Janet, only karuvaadu!! :)
ganesh's in luv n this we can see
dude u betta beg her n get down on ur knee
Everything in this life's not 4 free
take her 4 a movie where dey dance around the tree
(ahhh some fresh memroies frm the rhyme game... is some thing missin?? oh yeah.. the obscenity :).... but then,don wanna spoil ur blog)
@ Chirag,
guess the drink has got to u,
buzz off before i say f*** u!!

U will regret tht u din take my advice
U'll end up with a gal who knws ONLY 2 cook rice
@ Chirag,

From u this would come, I knew,
but this is not the place to continue

this is not ChW, u dawg,
this is my goddamn blog!!

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