Sunday, August 13, 2006


Random Ramblings!!

It has been a year now, well almost a year, since I have come to Bangalore. Its been a love-hate relationship with Bangalore. I hate it because of the traffic (will the govt change the name to TRASSIC?? I am sick of it.) and the high rents. Chennai or better still, Salem is paradise. The owner of the pg I was living in got around 80 k per month, that too, tax free money.

Reasons for loving the place?? Lotsa reasons. The way people interact with each other, the way ppl don’t shy away from off color jokes, the malls, the pubs (without which this one year would have been dreary!!). People here are very friendly, and if u don’t make any friends, u are either a dumbo or a hardcore… lemme complete :) introvert!! For ppl who don’t have friends, don’t worry. I will introduce u to a wonder boy. That guy is a maverick in establishing networks. What say, Sriki?? :)

Before coming to Bangalore, my friend set 2 objectives in life.
1) Get a bike
2) Get a Date

Now the poor guy’s bank balance is so low that, save a bike, he cant get a cycle also. As for a date, the nearest he could get his hands on were a pack of lion dates. :)

Conversing with a Banglorite is very simple. You just need to know a bit of Engliphish. Plus, the following words: Dude, Bugger, Awesome, I mean…., Chick (don’t go for the tamil meaning :) ). Insert the above words as many times as possible into ur sentences. Most commonly used profanities are B**tard and f*** off. Use them against a guy u are close with. Remember the times we used to say, “dei, okka makka, inga vaa daa!!” Also the more the dudes in ur sentences, the more hep u are. In tamil, if you used to remark, “Machi, padam pattaasa irunthathu”, then its, “Dude, the pic was awesome man” in Bangalore.

Initially I found Kannada language a bit (??) funny. No hard feelings… coz there are similar words in Tamil with entirely different meanings. Like “Banni” which means “come” in Kannada and “Pig” in Tamil, “saakku” which means “Enough” in kannada and “sack” in tamil, “baekku” meaning “want” in kannada and “Mental case” in Tamil.

Rumor has it that the Godzilla was first sighted in Karnataka. When the firangis sighted the gr8 beast, they asked the local ppl, the name of the beast. The local men replied, “Gothilla” (don’t know)… and it became “Godzilla” :)

Ok, ok…. For ppl exclaiming “saakku, saakku” (“enough enough”), my reply is “Nee thaan baekku.” If it is a gal, take the meaning as per the kannada dialect. If if is a boy, take it as per the tamil dialect.

:) :)

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enna, exhibiting ur flair for mokkai is it?
thx a lot 4 calling me a close friend dude... "Use the words Ba$***d n F**k off with a person who s close 2 u" aighh?? n we use it sooooo frequently tht it wud make us the closest of friends :)...
Well... You seem to have learnt a lot of kannada words! and your "answer" to "saaku saaku" is hilarious! :-D
Also would like to comment that you're gonna get your bike soon.. so first objective - completed.. Moving on to the second eh?? ;-) ;-)
hey some comments here hv got me confused... i thot it was ur friend who set those objectives n not u... btw, any chance u were pointing 2 me wen u were talking about those objectives :).. every guy hs those exact objectives wen he comes 2 blore i guess..
@ Chirag,
No man, was not referring to u!! :D
rank 1 of all ur posts, as of now
addangu da....

un allumbu thaanga mudiyala...

hilarious machan... or sould i say " The blog was awesome dude"

Cool post man!!!
I have 2 disagree with the "B**tard and f***off" with a person close 2 u... But yeah highly extrovert ppl use these smtimes.
He he he...Ha ha ha....One of the best posts that's on ur blog... And this calls for more of such ones. So no "SAAKU SAAKU"...but more such posts "BEKU BEKU"
Sakkai Sakkai,awesome awesome,

ha ha

nothing else to say,

adi sakkai
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