Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The Newcomer

The D-Day had at last come. He got up, took a good bath and looked at himself in the mirror. Perfect…. It was his birthday. It was also the day that he was bringing Shyla home. He had spoken to his parents about the same. They had refused at first. He then arranged for them to meet her.

They both agreed that she was lovely and adorable. They had no issue whatsoever. Until then, Shyla had had a sad life. He father had run away after making her mother pregnant. Her mother had died at childbirth. But he didn’t care about the family lineage. Since she was an orphan, he had no problems in bringing her to his house.

He reached the area where she presently lived. “Shy….” She came running into his arms even before he could finish. “Ready to come to my house?” he asked her.

“Yip, Yip”, replied Shyla, the puppy. It was a perfect birthday for 10 year old Raju. :)


very nice da
thats nice man....
its nice....and yet again a twister at the end :) . Keep writing coz it makes people smile.
Yet another twist!!!
Thats Y knew something fishy goin on.. I thought SHyla... was a small child tht he wanted 2 bring.. Just a different species dats all!!! But wht d heck!->@least I thought in the right direction!!!( The twisted direction)
ha ha :) another twister. its nice.
Now.. This is more like your blog! :-) Cute story with a lovely twist at the end! :-) (as usual) waiting for more of your blogs/stories! :-)
Good one!!!Keep blogging:=)
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