Thursday, August 03, 2006


No clue!!

Damn!! No clue, these days on what to blog!! Blogger's block, maybe?? Neways, thought of posting this one long time back.... was contemplating coz the persons involved are known to me very much!! neways, here goes....

The following is a mail transcript. Read the sentences in bold, from bottom to top....

yyy: hey sorry man, it was supposed to be a mail only then will u reply and tat was sent yesterday to catch ur eyes......for the pure craziness in that as i came late yesterday and didn't know if u ave

xxx:How am I supposed to know? Ask yourself

- xxx

yyy: Hey xxx, have i come to office today or what?

Now if someone cud interpret what yyy wanted to say?? :)

and for ppl who think,"Gawd, this is a very lame post".... will be back with another short story soon!! Plz wait maadiiiiii!!!! :)

Statutory warning: Some of the forthcoming articles might contain liberal amount of profanities....


OH GWAD...have i come to the right blog or what??

Me waiting for the next one :)
Bit confusing!! read it twice ! even then!! :-))
:-S All confused!! We're getting ready to hear all those profanities!

konjam yyy enna solrarunnu vilaku...
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