Sunday, January 27, 2008



Oh well, the craze and mania is going to start again!! For now, it seems that Aishwarya has agreed to be the heroine. Hmmm..... so here's a scene from Robo for you folks, exclusively!! Remember that you ppl have seen it here first :)

Human Friend: Eppadi Robo, neenga oru iyanthiram. Ungalukkulla ippadi oru menmayaana manasaa?? (Inspite of being a robot, how are you very gentle?)

Robo Rajini : (Typical Rajini laughter).... Kannaa, naan veliyila thaan Hardware, Ulla epoathumae SOFTWARE!!!! (My dear, on the exterior, I am a Hardware; But on the interior, I am always a SOFTWARE!!)


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file corrupted!!!
gansense...please write some sense!!!!:-)
seriously man...send it to Shankar...asoora dialogue!!!
ennaaaa dialogue!! pls direct it to sindhu :P
The heroine will really crash after that powerful dialogue!
Nice blog Gans...sad that u r taking a break :(
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