Monday, January 07, 2008


Whats In A Name??

“Names…. Names play a key role in a person’s life. They can make or break a man. They decide what you will become in your life. Take my son. He has started to make his living. He will definitely go places. His name is such. Look at me. If I stand before you as a respectable man in this society, it is because of the name that my parents gave me. My dad always told me that my name was given by Pandit. Ramasubbu.” His dad’s statements weren’t new to him. He quickly moved out of the room before his relatives had a chance to bombard him with inane questions like “When are you getting married?”

He saw his grandfather sitting in a corner. He liked him as he was a proper old timer and was always full of anecdotes about his work and those times. He went and sat near him. “So Rahul, how do you find work?” “It is okay thaathaa. It does get boring at times, sitting in one place. I plan to do higher studies after a year or two and get into a job where I can spread my wings everywhere and not just within ;)”

“Hmmm…. You young guys are not predictable. Good salary, good lifestyle and yet you are not satisfied with life. I guess it was good back then. We didn’t get the opportunity to speak out frankly and blast our bosses. I had a single boss throughout my career. Still we didn’t think about moving to other companies. We were very satisfied with life.” “So how did you vent your frustrations with your boss, thaathaa? You cant keep quiet every time. You do need a channel”

“Well, has your dad ever told you why I named him Vaitheeshwaran in the first place?” he winked. Pandit. Ramasubbu looped in Rahul’s head, as he shook his head and winked back.

PS: Happy New Year, ppl. :)


Tell me whats in your Name? :P
Weird twist. How many people understood the implied sarcasm?

"All hail sarcastic Gans"
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