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Ever bothered to notice the language of the teachers at school, and how they put across ideas? In my school days, my gang had that as a separate subject. Here are some classics...

My PT teacher

1) If you talk, I put kneel down in the centre of the hot sun.

2) You talk, I talk, why he middle middle talk?

3) Nest time you do this, the rolls will multifly.

My Geography teacher (My fav staff.... ;-) )

This guy was a good guy, but he would get tensed very soon. I got into his good books very soon (pun unintended....) and always got his Aashirvaad. But in the end, he turned out to be my dad's patient, and became patient (again pun unintended) with me as well. :)

1) Close your mouth and answer my question, you beggaru..... (Student begins to answer, but no chance!!). Dei, shut your mouth and answer my question. :)
2) When I came to tenth C class, you were outside. When I came to tenth B class, you were outside. When I came to tenth A also you were outside. When I came inside tenth A also, you were outside. Why were you outside? Dei, shut your mouth and answer my question.... :)

This guy became a hit with us with one incident. :) That one still makes me laugh. What do u say, if you want the crowd to be silent? Its either "Be silent" or "Dont murmur". This guy shouted with the help of a mike, "Dont whisper". That was the time, a popular product was launched. :) We laughed our hearts out. "Dont whisper", for a second time made a guy shout, "Amma, enakku thuni vaendaam ma". Nobody could control the laughter after that!!

:) :)


This reminds me of a few more classics like -
1) Open the window, let the airforce come in.
2) I hav two daughters, both are girls.
Outstanding student Ganz!! ;-))
What about the world famous one -
Scenario - The prinicipal of the institution walks by the staff room. A short while later a student walks into the staff room and asks a lecturer=>
Student: Sir, I'd like to know where the principal is..
Lecturer - Oh! He just passed away!

LOL!! LOL!! :-p
gud one again! reminds me of what all my teachers used to say in school! :D "u both sit together seperatly" :)
dai checked out this one just now... wonderful... great dude
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