Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Adults Only!!

Statutory Warning: Please refer the title!!

As he touched her, she shivered. “Are you sure?” she asked him. “I am positive about this.” “Can’t we see for 1 more day?” “No. We can’t wait for one more day.” He made her lie on the bed and adjusted her clothes. He looked around. It was a nice place. It was around 2000 hrs.

Btw, they are Kumar and Rekha. They are a pair right from their college first year. Their parents agreed to their marriage, provided they got a job. They were both placed in a software firm (where else? :) ) and were all set to get married. It was at this time that Kumar got the idea about going to Ooty. Initially, she was reluctant, but then agreed. They informed at their respective houses that they are going on an industrial visit in their colleges.

“Have you got a….” He didn’t allow her to complete. “Yeah. I always have one in my purse.” “You have them in your purse?” “Yeah, you need to take necessary precaution. I got it from a medical shop on the way to Ooty”, he replied. “Precaution”, she repeated and winked at him. He winked back. He walked to the desk to get his purse.

On coming back, he took out the coldarin tablet from his purse and gave it to her. He hoped that her cold would go away the next day, as they still had lots to see in Ooty.

:) :)

PS: As for the title, I assure U all that Kumar and Rekha aren’t minors, but Adults Only!! :)


WOWWW!!!! again.. ur back to ur twisty tales! gr8 going!
expected such a twist at d end.. :)
good one..
Stories with a radical twist!!!!!! ???? ;-)
Wasnt an unexpected twist :)....these days, whenever i read ur blog, i try n think out of the box...err...i mean story ...right from the start.
@ Ashwini,
hmmm.... then me back to writing plain stories.

On the positive side, looks like u are growing up after reading my blogs!! nice. :)
Thirrunda vae mattiya da dae....
One thing is for sure da... u have evolved...

from 'Mokka' Ganesh from Amrita inst. to Ganesh (always) with a 'Twist' from Wipro
expected the twist! but then, cudnt come up with what it wud be.. gud one. :)
but its getting predictable! change in style required... :)
@ Aishu,
first, thanx for the compliment. ;-)

As for the predictable nature that my stories take.... cudnt resist this story. :) The pattern shud change the nxt time, I post a story!!
somehow i cud guess that :P
vera padathuku story telling job edhavathu vandhuruka..
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