Sunday, November 26, 2006


Dog's Tail

He noticed the girl standing beneath the stairs. She was quite pretty and looked vaguely familiar. "What the heck?" He had seen so many girls. He also stood beneath the stairs and made a scene of arranging his books. Apparam enna velai, bittu bittaa poada vendiyathu thaanae.

He: Hi! I am Ashok.
She: (Started to smile at him, but then frowned) Hi.
He: May I know your name, plz?
She: (With an icy tone) Rekha....
He: Your name sounds familiar. Have I seen you before?
She: I have to leave now....

He: Where do you work? Excuse.... Chae, what was the point of being so rude? He remarked loudly to no one in particular.

"Well, I would have done the same, if I were her" Ashok turned around to face me. "What do you mean?", he asked me. "Hard not to be rude, considering the fact that you already knew her in person, and had roamed the city with her"

It was then that he remembered. "Damn", he exclaimed. He had seen her last, 6 months back.

"Machi Ashokku, that is exactly why, there should be a limit to your "gals" list. I think that your DB is throwing an "Out Of Memory" exception" :)

As I remarked this, he was already walking towards another girl. "Excuse me, are you....."

Ivangalai ellaam thiruthavae mudiyaathu daa Saami!! (No one can correct these buggers)

:) :)


Typical Ashok!
v true Ganz.. :)
guess there will be no "Out of Memory" exception in Ashok's DB.. ;)
ganesh now tat u hav completed d entire series, next blog should b abt u.. :))
Ashok wont be eatin his dinner for some time now...all coz of u!!!!!!!
@ Nash,
Ippa enga yaar kooda saaptukittu irukkaano?? :)
seri, unna pathi eppo ezhuda pora? comments ..;0
Way to go for Commissioner!! :-)
Ashok's DB is overflowing!! :-)

Hmmm.. All your roommies got their turn! The next one should be about the author himself!! :-) Looking forward to it! :-)
I feel Ganesh is just J :)
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