Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The Killer

The serial killer was on the loose again. He was a normal man, but he couldn’t stop those occasional spurts of manic behaviour. This was one of those times. He roamed the city looking for his prey. As he walked, he could see a street detached from the main road. He entered that street.

He looked at his watch. “Perfect”, he thought, as the whole family should be in the house. Wholesome fodder for him. Little did the inmates know what lay in store for them. He looked up and down the street. Nobody was there. He scaled the wall and entered the house. He looked inside the house through a window. The family was just settling down to have dinner.

He walked up to the main switchboard area. He could hear, “Selvi, selvi, selvi…..” blaring from the house. He pulled the fuse and the whole house was enveloped in darkness. He heard groans emerging from the house.

He was satisfied. He had effectively killed an episode of a serial today for one more family. Ever since, Chandru’s roommates stopped him from watching “Selvi”, he had become like this!!

:) :)


too good.. :))
so who is this roommate interested in watching "Selvi" :o
"Chandru,Chandru,Chandru" howz the next title dude.........
last roomie too killed in Ganesh's blog..........Good job...
@ Anon,
One more roomie is there... by the name Ashok!! :)
So the next scape goat is ashok heh :) carry on. waiting to see what ur gonna write about ashok. and BTW people dont groan if the fuse is pulled out during selvi!! they weep :)
I knw wat the blog on ashok will b about and no points for guessing it right :).. n i hd a slight feeling tht the blog on chandruwud b abt 'friends' or selvi ;)..
@ Chi,
Smart boy!! Hoping to make asok's story into the best of the lot!! lets see....
ayoo...ahnnn....69 podu..!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!dude...u shld have written tat undy story!!!!!!!!!
LOL!! LOL!! No.. Actually ROFL!!!! WOW!!!!!! Hilarious!!!! Awesome work Ganz! This is one of the best I'd say.. Let it go down into the annals!! :-)
So, If Ashok is your next target.. We wonder what you're gonna write!! ;-) We can pitch in to give you some info to help your story.. ;-) What say Ashok????
He he he ...... thats all i can say!! Inspired by ur MOM huh? . And, abt the hit list....think u should ask ur roomies to contribute to the blog...so u r also covered in the LIST.
super! :)
Hey Ganesh...

Varisaya ellar kuttaiyum odachitte vara...
Allow Chandru to watch Selvi guyz.... else he might flip or something.... take care of my frend da lordu... ;)
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