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It was the year 2100. A year in which men and machines still struggled to coexist harmoniously. A year in which there were still civil wars of machines against men. A year in which men struggled to get back to the golden era when machines were just that, machines. A year in which the humans slowly started to lose their emotions. A ear, which will start bleeding if I go on like this. So lemme get on with the story.

Chirag set out on his mission. It was true that the humans were losing their emotions, but love was a primal emotion. It can never be lost. He was in UK now on a project work. He had seen her first in a strip club. She was a waitress over there. He had been a regular patron of that club, coz of her presence. In time, both became acquainted, and started going together. But he didn’t touch her. He was of the type that everything should happen after marriage.

Today was the D-day. He went to the usual spot where they meet. He had a 3D projector in hand, which would give out images of all sorts of flowers. Technological replacement for a red rose. When she came, she knew what was to happen. Chirag went on his knees and proposed to her. She said, “Chirag, first tell me, what you think of asexual reproduction?” “What do I think….I what??. “You see, I am a cyborg”. Chirag’s head started spinning, and he could hear his phone ringing. It showed 0700 hrs in the morning!!

“Dei wake up, Chi. Its seven, and its getting very late for the office”. He could hear his room mate Ganesh calling out to him. He got up groggy eyed. Damn, he shudnt have drunk so much and watched that late nite movie, “Honey, u married a cyborg”. Apparently they don’t go well enough together!!



Hey!! But you were the one who missed the bus today!! So when's your story coming out?? ;-)) ;-p
@ Prima,
after I complete my pentalogy (done with three of my room mates' stories)... 2 more to go!!

missed the bus, coz i was the one to wake up Chi!! :(
Suuper post!!!!! HahA!
Nose cut for Chi:), has he seen the blog?,

anyway,it happens Chi,
Dei, kuthookalamaa irukkara kudumbathula kummi adichittu poagaathadaa!!

just a story!! :)
He he he.....Very nice one
He He.. tht's making me laugh.. A few places whr u went wrong though-i neva met a GF at a strip club(OH Wish I had ;) ).. n 2nd the fact abt 'everything' aftr marriage- well!!every1 knws wat i think abt it :)..
n btw how dare u call my GF a waitress??
newz, nice blog dude.. who's on the hit list next??
@ Chi,
yup... know abt ur intentions dude... but what to do?? had to take some artistic liberties. :)

and whos next?? who else, but Chandru, Asok and me of course!! ;)
good one ! especially the 'ear will start bleeding' part :) laughd thru...though had to wiki to find out wat exactly a cyborg is :(

BTW, one small correction... its 'he was of the "kind"' and not 'type' as far as i knw....
@ Aishu,
appaadaa... atlast somebody noted that 'ear' stuff!! ;) Good.

oops for that type mistake!!
I skiped the ear part :).. went straight 2 the 2nd para.. Not my fault.. blame the exams 4 it.. hv been reading like this rite frm my exam days ;)..
BTw am out 2 make the comments in "my" blog 2 more than the others.. This wud make it 11..
n just now checked that the number of comments is max here :P.. Hurray!! Now, don't look at the number of people commenting in the blog.. It is the count tht is more important
I think the ear part was the most catchy thing... i was rolling with laughter...not many ppl use such phrases arnd here. so, missing them big time! :(

BTW, looks like someone is bent upon making this story a huge hit! :D
@ Chirag,
Dei Chi.... this is a too much!! :) A leader of a party shud vote only once and so must the subject of a story... No kalla votes!! :D

@ Aishu,
No same blood over there, eh?? ;)
someone is not 'Tryin' 2 make this a hit but 'has' already made it a hit.. lolz..just hv a look at the count now..
No yaar.. me not interested in kadla votes.. I wud raher prefer putting kadlai ;))
@ Chirag,

am gonna close the comments section Chi!! :)
I meant KALLA votes, u fucker and not KADLA!! :)
Ahh.. it all sounds the same 2 me n u knw abt my tamil.. newz, one more to the collection of rhyming words 4 the rhyme game- kadla n kalla :)..
BTW i knw why u r closin the comments section..
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