Thursday, May 11, 2006



Shud have written this a month back!! But was busy in my office with all the orkutting and other useful stuff!! :-) anyway, better late than never.

Lemme start with the place it took place. The play took place in Rangashankara Hall, JP Nagar. It took us some half an hour to find that place, inspite of being accompanied by a Bangalore buddy!! The place was very strict in timings, and they had mentioned that doors would be closed after the scheduled time and NO REFUNDS!! As we had gone on a weekday, we got good center seats. The hall was very good and it had a nice posh ambience.

Coming to the play, it was a complete laugh riot. The oneliner goes like this, "LOVE AT SECOND SIGHT". It is abt a divorcee and a widower getting together. Dialogues like, "Your nose is suffering from a jet lag, George" and "That is a great body. Male or Female. Uh, Dunno, I am watching the rear end" had us all in splits. Cant go in depth here, as the humor is all circumstantial. But my friend was sore that there were no gr8 romances in the film. His wish was also granted with two kisses. :-) The female lead was a complete hottie, and had our attention till the very end. ;-) The lead actors were all good with the one playing the friend character, THE BEST!!

The play did drag a bit in the later half, but that can be excused. On the whole, I would give it 9/10.

P.S: To top it all, I got a surprise gift; A stress buster.


For once I ain't gonna write in the "orkut style", but ganesh, wen the hell did u go 2 the play man...
PS WTF did u mean by the stress buster..
hey ganesh .... good one again ....
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