Monday, May 22, 2006


Marriage Alliance Blues....

All who have gone thru Matrimonials of Hindu or any other paper would have come across these ads.

"Wanted Girl for INNOCENT Divorcee, aged 35, 176 cms, working in an MNC. Girl should be working. Blah, blah... and it goes on until u come to the last line, "Widows and Divorcees, plz excuse"

Previously I thought, maybe Innocent means, the guy doesnt know how to make out with his wife..... ;-). Then I got the meaning that Innocent means that he didnt initiate the divorce proceedings, but his Ex-wife did; which just substantiates my inital understanding of the whole damn thing. :-)

But then the last line has always irritated me. "Widows, Divorcees, plz excuse"..... WTF?? He could have better advertised as "Only VIRGINS allowed". How will it be in this country if it was the other way round.... a girl advertising that way? No doubts, he will eventually get a girl who is desparate to get married because of her economic status. But how much more Narrow minded can U get? Is it because he doesnt want to live together with some one who isnt a virgin? Or is it because he hates the thought that his wife to be, has been with someone else for all these years? The girl he marries might be only 25 yrs old, and he would expect her to take care of his child, and also beget a child. People might say that it was not he but his parents who advertised that way..... Hullo, ppl, grow up. He has got a brain. He should use it.

Anyway, just have a real life incident which I thought I would share with U all. One of my family friend's wife died due to heart failure. He has a daughter aged 14. His parents wanted him to marry for the sake of his daughter. He agreed and they advertised in the usual way. He reprimanded them and started searching for a bride himself. Through common contacts he came to know that a lady had lost her husband in an accident. She has a son. He approached her and asked her. Initially reluctant, she then agreed and they got married. They have an understanding that they are not going to have more kids. His parents were livid at first, but now they are gradually beginning to patch up. As a result, the kids have both, maternal and financial care.

Thats it for now.... cya, all!!


its good. your family friend is a gentleman!!!!!
Great!!! Wish all guys have such a thought! Good to see an ignited youth
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