Friday, July 21, 2006


Is Everything Ok??

As he boarded the bus, he couldn’t believe his luck. There was only one empty seat. He would be seated next to his class babe. He thanked all his lucky stars and sat down, all set to savor the one hour drive to his college. No sleeping in the bus today. He had slept adequately in the night.

He sat down in his seat and turned to smile at her. He noticed that her eyes were wet. He didn’t expect that. He immediately turned and began to ponder, “What might be the problem? She has a boyfriend. Maybe some issue between them? Maybe her parents have found out that matter? Wait a minute. The semester results are out. Maybe she has scored very low in some subject or worse, she could have flunked!! Whatever, she is my class mate and it is my duty to console her. Maybe, she will take a liking to me.”

“Shilpa, what’s the……” As she turned towards him, she yawned and her eyes became wetter. “Yes Karthik, you called me?” “He he, Hi Shilpa, what’s the time?”

Good thing that only he could hear his heart going "DUMEEL" :)


U write very well Ganesh.....really nice. Ur stories r really twisty :).
Hey i liked this one better than the Beer one,i must say this was the best of the lot!!!!And yeah ganesh u have real good qualities of inditing...
dai... enna acchi unnakku... blogs are gettin smaller and smaller... too much work in wipro??? ;)
ena da next oru line la kadhai eludhuviya ?
but then its enjoyable ....
keep t up ...u r really spontaneous
@ Janet!!

Have got plans for that also!!

Hmmmm... I smell somthing fishy!! ;P Guess we need more spies out here!! ;)) ;P
Good one man! still, i think the beer one was better :)
Good one man!!!
good.short and sweet stories.hope it becomes real in ur life
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