Thursday, October 05, 2006


MOCK Interviews

As is usual in many colleges, our college also had training sessions on how to give an interview for different companies. We were given instructions on how to sit for the interview, and that a sitting posture which had us leaning forward was much better to a laidback posture. (I am not sure though, how it would be, if the interviewer was a woman, and I was leaning forward. :) ). Also we were instructed never to offer our hands first, but rather wait for the interviewer to offer his/her hand. Coming to the point, mock interviews were held to polish off all the sessions. This was the moment, everybody was waiting for. They simply could not wait to show off their newly acquired skills to the trainer. Here’s one mock interview from that day. This happened for real.

Interviewer: Good Morning, Ms. Y.
Y: Good Morning.
Interviewer: So, tell me about yourself. Why should I pick you for this job?
Y: Blah…. Blah…. Blah. Also, if you recruit me, I will be able to satisfy you.
Interviewer: In what way??

After a pause, the interviewer gave a big smile, and asked that girl never to dish out answers like the one she gave and that not every person will be a good man like him.

This Y was left speechless. I must say, that she was a topper in her studies, and don’t think she would have been accustomed to non academic questions like these.

:) :)

was reading a similar post in sidin's blog, when I remembered this incident.


Hhhh..mapu this reminds of one more incident that happened in my coll where the lady lecturer remarked "i cant satisfy everyone here..maintain silence"...he he he
This reminds me of all the fun I had in college!! :-))
Hilarious one! :-))
Reminds me of the day my PU lecturer scolded the boys of our class and asked them to get out.He said "I Want only girls" :)
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