Thursday, October 26, 2006



Me: oru padathila irunthu Bit eduthaa thappaa??
Chimp: Thappilanga!!

Me: Oru padithila irunthu periya Bittaa eduthaa??
Chimp: Thappu maathiri theriyuthunga!!

Me: Neraya padathila irunthu neraya Bitta perusu perusaa eduthu??
Chimp: Periya thappunga!!

Me: ot***, athaandaa un padathula nadakkuthu!!

In a nutshell, that is Vallavan for u. Take some Selvi (am not kidding, I meant the serial only… the part where he woos Nayantara is a straight lift from it) mix it with Chandramukhi (Reema Sen’s act resembled Jyothika’s Split act in Chandramukhi), add that Rajni-Ramya Krishnan car scene from Padatappa, throw in some figures who show :) (meant in the literal sense), Kamal’s Anbe Sivam costume and add a pinch of Anniyan. Vallavan is a kitchidi of all the above.

Vallavan had the theatre in splits. The film was hilarious. We laughed at all the scenes, which were supposed to be sentimental!! :) Chimpu revels in his lifetime role and demonstrates why no person shud ever produce a film by him. Nayantara and Reema do what is expected of them :). Sandhya was ok, but I thought that she acted like Jyothika in some scenes!!

The worst factor in the movie is Chimp who jumps into advice mood every ten mins. Every time, his face comes into a close up, the audience groans. Guess, he shud stop taking pot shots at others, (there is a scene where he ridicules Dhanush) and concentrate on giving a good film.

Songs are not good when u compare it with Manmathan. Background was just about ok. Dialogues were yucky… sample this, “Firstla yaara love panroamnu mukkiyam illa, lastla eveloda irukkoam garathu thaan mukkiyam” :-X. Dialogue delivery by the actors were also pathetic. “Bedroom engae” dialogue by Chimp distinctly reminded me of “Bathroom engae”. :) His tone and rendition of the dialogue was such. Sorry Chimp, but assuming that having one matter scene in the movie and focusing the camera on some parts of females will be a hit among teens is sickening, to say the least.

Special appearance by Sr. Karadi in “Yammaadi aathaadi” song. Thalaivar konjam laesa iduppu aatinathila Tsunami vanthurumoannu naanga konjam pambittom!!

Storyline: Innumaa therinjukkanumnu aasai padareenga??

Vallavan ….. Nollavan!!

All said, U can go as a gang and enjoy the comments made by each other. The whole theatre was in splits yesterday. But again, as my friend remarked, “Coimbatorela muppathu rooba koduthu katharathu ok da. Aana nooru rooba koduthu katharathukku manasu valikkuthu” ;)

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yee...dandanakka..danakkunakka...!!!!super appu..!!!!!
vallavana pathi sonne nallavane valzha....aduthu entha film pon eh? sorry don ?
huyo ... nethaiku solirka kudatha? book panitome ....
I hv been ditched!!! I thot the nxt blog was going to be titled "A love story in UK" :(...
@ Chirag,
Sorry da.... had to write this!! Story sure coming up on monday!!
Deii kalakitta mappu,nee romba nallavan da.....pala peroda uiyerey neee!!
one more from my side:
ahem.. ahem..

yei vallavan...
nee romba polladhavan..
unga appa pal thegadhavan
engele ippadi akkitiye urupadhavan...
yei dandanakka...yei danakunakka,,,,,

inimae nee thaanya THALAIVAAAA.... :)
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