Tuesday, October 17, 2006



He sensed something uneasy in the neighbor’s house. He marched to that house with some trepidation. His anxiety increased with each step he took. But he badly wanted to find out what that was and trudged on. He went in through the gate and started looking around in the garden. It looked as though, there was no one in the house.

He finished looking around at the garden and started looking into the room, calling out “Avinash”. That was his neighbor’s name. As he peered into one room, he was shell shocked. Avinash’s head was decapitated and the whole area was a bloody damn mess. He immediately called the police.

The police came immediately and began their usual investigation. Since he was Avinash’s neighbor and also since he was the first person on the spot, they showered him with the usual questions, like “what was his job?”, “was he married?” and “did he have any enemy?” He told the police that he didn’t know anything about Avinash, except that he was a software engineer, and that he came home at odd times.

After some time, SP Krishnamoorthy came to the crime scene. He was known for his sharp eye to clues scattered around the crime scene. But here, he could see nothing in that area save for a deo bottle, a comb and some dresses. His mind started to form a vague picture as to how the crime would have taken place. A grim smile formed on his face.

After pondering on the case for quite some time, the SP became dead sure and closed the case as an accident.




Because of the “AXE EFFECT”

Remember the Deo Bottle??

;) ;) ;) ;)


ada paavi
I think Nash is going to show u the AXE-CHOP-EFFECT
:) :)
Hmm..Avinash.. A sofware engg.. comes home at odd time.. uses a deo bottle and tht 2 Axe... clothes spread around.. Lotsa coincidences 2 just ward off :)..
Btw, u seem 2 b usin a lot of ur roommates' names.. first karthick now avi... Mera number kab aayega ;) ??
@ Chirag,
Next story dude!! Its a UK story.... i.e., Unmayaana Kaathal story!! :-D
good one...nalla eru
What a climax!!!!! wah!! wah!! applause!! ;-))
a whip lash for Nash, ha ha ha,

beware of the AXE-CHOP-EFFECT
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