Monday, October 16, 2006


Why me??

This happened a year back, when I was new to Bangalore. My tendancy is such that, I always try to learn something new, lose interest in the middle and just drop the same soon after. The same happened with Kannada language. With the help of my Bangalore friends, I managed to learn some kannada words like "Gothilla", "alli", "illi", "Hogi", "Koothkoli".... and a few other words. Some people had warned me that, the auto guys might fleece you if they know that you are not from Bangalore, i.e., if u dont speak Kannada.

I kept it in mind and the next time, I boarded an auto, I tried it and failed miserably. Here is that incident....

Me: Madivala Hogatha??
Auto guy: Koothkoli

Me: KPN Travels Gotha?
AG: Nange KPN travels gothilla. Dari gothidre, neene helu. Illa andre naanu ninana Ayyappa Devasthanake karkonDu hogthini. (Got this part translated by my friend)

Me: a blank look....
AG: Aenu sir??

Me: Gothill....
AG: Enna Thamizhaa?? Sollalaam sir, namakku thamizh theriyum!! Madivala Ayyappan Temple la drop pannuttumaa

Me: Hee hee.... appadiyaa, sari. Angayae drop pannunga!! (Ok, drop me there)

TOTAL DAMAGE for me that day!! :( :(
But now, I think I am able to understand a decent level of Kannada. :)

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jai bhuvaneshwari !!!

kannadavannu purtiyagi kaliyo poly mari ;0
He he he...the best part of the blog was the "Ayiyappa temple" part. Didnt know that there was one in Madivala....Thought the auto guy was just telling that :).

U can survive in Blore if u know tamil/ telegu/ hindi/ english/ marvadi/ gujrathi/ punjabi or malayalam...kanada is only an added advantage. Sad but true :(
Gr8 blog!!!
good one
unakku idu tevaya?
@ Srikanth,
I still dont know that much Kannada, man!! :(

@ Ashwini,
Considering even many of the Bangaloreans converse in english, what can we expect??

@ Ashwin and Janet,

@ Aishu,
Illathaan, aanaalum en vaai summaa irukka maattaenguthae!! :)
hahaha!! You must've seen a good part of Madivala by now! ;-) kannadavannu chennagi kali... :-) We'll teach you! :-)
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