Thursday, November 30, 2006


Back to Normality, eh??

Amrita Rao (yup,the actress) waited patiently at the restaurant for her date to come. She was on time, as she couldnt bear to keep her date waiting. But she didnt mind it if he did it to her. It just felt like yesterday, the first time she met him. That initial touch still evoked goosebumps in her.

"Is this yours?", was the question posed by him. She was instantly hooked onto him. As she took her kerchief back, their fingers touched just for a moment, but that was enough. They started seeing a lot more afterwards..... This was supposed to be the first anniversary, since they had started seeing each other.

"Its almost time", she muttered to herself. She looked at her watch. It was five mins to One. As she was glancing in front, she felt a hand covering her eyes, and whispering "Happy Anniversary", in her ears. She smiled and turned to face him. "You are always on time, Ganesh!! I am so happy"

"Keek keek keek keek...... keek keek keek keek....... keek keek keek keek...... keek keek keek keek"...... A hand slowly switched off the alarm, and took away the bedspread. "I must have been dreaming that. After all, how on earth, can I expect be with Ganesh. You are not so lucky a gal, dearie"..... Amrita Rao thought to herself!!

:) :) :) :)

PS: Sorry Chi. ;)

PPS: For ppl, who thought that this story was a sarcastic take on myself...... I assure u, it IS sarcastic in an ironic sort of way :-\!! For ppl who still dont understand, will be back with another story soon. Until then , ciao!!


Amrita Rao is lucky to be with Ganesh in her dreams????!!!!!!
Ahem!! Ahem!!
Ganesh i though u were d one who was dreaming to be with Amrita Rao.. :))
may i know who is d lucky gal then???
@ Prima,
It happens.... :)

@ Madhavi,
No Cross questions!! ;-)

@ Chandru,
Ethir kaathula echi muzhiyathae.... (Dont spit with the wind coming ur side!! :))
...STOP DAY-DREAMING ABT B'FUL GALZ..THEY ARE ALL MINE ..he he he ..sorry i think i am dreamin now ;0
Ganesh...think u should peep into Ashok's DB and add more realistic characters in the story. Spare Amrita Rao !!!
@ Sriki,
Congrats man. Ya never told me that u have become a father of all the beautiful gals!! ;-)

@ Ashwini,
Ya must be mad to think that I will look into Ashok's DB. Me not mad enuf to try that.
Dude... For god sake, evn in this modern age, eyeing ur own bhabhi is BAD.. So, stop thinking abt Amrita rao.. n as far as, stopping Amrita frm dreaming abt u goes, don worry, I shall tk care of tht.. Confused?
Rmbr, she hs 2 sleep 2 get dreams ;)...
@ Chirag,
Was waiting for a reply for u, fckr.... as for Amrita Rao not getting sleep, dont lose ur sleep over that man!! cool down!! and u being here, and she somewhere north, not getting sleep... U doing it virtually or by telepathy , huh?? :-P

(pity ur pathini dude!!)
Oh man! So much filth... Rmbr u r talkin 2 one of THE most innocent guys around :P..
BTW u don hv 2 pity my patni.. She wud happy n 'satisfied' with me ;).. Fcuka don't start the 'Rhyme game' thing here.. Wudn't b long b4 sum1 objects to it n kicks us out..
PS: See i was smart enuf 2 put all the blame on u :P
@ Chi,

man, so much corruption in ur mind, and that too before seeing the Departed!! :-P...
congrats da gansu.... i think that was the 17th 'i-want-to-be-with-ganesh' actress this year.. Who's next before the end of 2006???

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