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“I haven’t been a good person. I have had too many affairs previously. Even this marriage arrangement is hurriedly done because my parents came to know of my latest affair. I guess, you must be wondering as to why I am telling you all this. Its because I don’t want our marriage life to start off on a dirty secret. After this, its left to you, as to what you think of me.”

Four hours earlier:
“Son, you might have done a lot of mistakes in your life. Please forget them and start life afresh. Don’t be a fool and confess everything to your future wife. She will always nag you then. Its my kind request.” Jairam nodded to his father words, but he was pretty sure of what he was going to do. He was going to confess everything to the girl, whom he was going to see. If she was a girl with forward thinking, she would definitely forget his past.

“Greet the elders and the bridegroom”, Lalitha’s parents instructed her. She dutifully greeted them and served them coffee. Jairam could not help noticing how pretty she was, and his insides cringed a little when he thought of the confession. Lalitha observed that he was gazing at her and smiled inwardly.

An hour went by. “I want to talk to the bride alone”, said Jairam. His parents were alarmed on hearing this. He gave a reassuring smile to his parents and waited for the elders’ consent. He then went into the room where Lalitha was waiting. The confession started.

Present time
Lalitha stood waiting for Jairam’s response to her confession. He appeared shocked. If he was a guy with forward thinking, he would definitely forget her past, wouldn’t he??

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To err is human and to forgive is divine!! eh?? ;-)
good one
good one
Hit the nail on the head!!! u seem 2 b pretty much influenced by my philosophy of Women "liberation" ehh?? Definitely shattered atleast one of the cliches- It's the guys who "cheat"(All rite, m being very rude here) ;) ;)..
But, kudos 2 u buddy.. for raising this issue...
One thing that I don't understand abt people is this- When guys talk about all the crap shit that they wud like 2 do in the world, how can they xpect the gal they wud like 2 marry a "Sati Savitri", who Shouldn't talk 2 guys leave alone going out with them, doesn't drink, doesn't fag,doesn't.. Okay fill in anything which u do but donot want ur WIFE 2 do.. Hv seen this syndrome with a lot of guys..
But seriously dude.. this is one of ur best stories as far as i am concerned.. I am sure nobody wud hv xpected this ending ;)
Just because Jairam thought she was beautiful, he would think about forgiving her. If she wasnt, then he would have made it a BIG issue i bet :)
@ Chi....
Thanx buddy.... for that glowing complement!! Yeah, me too have seen a lotta guys talk like that!!

@ Ashwini....
hmmm..... what if I rephrase it as, Just because she was beautiful, she had a lot of affairs?? But then, naah.... I leave it to u to analyse the story.
Absolutely!! because she was beautiful she had those many affairs... Else she wud b stuck with one moron, her husband :)
@ Valli's Comments
Remember Valli,U R wife is going to be very beautiful.... UR parents will take care of that... LOL.... Just kidding man...

For Ganshu...
Best of Luck with urs Man...
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