Friday, December 15, 2006


Healthy Students!!

"No more junk foods and colas", is the latest health measure, planned by our Hon. Health Minister, Anbumani Ramadas. He is going to talk to the chancellors of the various universities in the country, and is planning to implement this measure. He reasons that junk foods and colas are the main reason for obesity among the youths of today. Only natural foods should be served. That set me thinking..... Will he ban the software industry one day?? :) I mean, all we do is sit in front of the system and type. Wont that cause obesity to us?? ;) Anyway, is banning junk foods like pizzas, samosas, chips, (fried groundnuts?? :-) ) , a step in the right direction?? For my part, I have envisioned how the "natural food eating students" and their classrooms, after this health measure is implemented in the future will be......


Ciao guys!!

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did u really mean it? or just for fun?
coke is nothing but a pesticide man... when u heat oil for a ceratin level it will turn into aldehide... but nobody cares ( sanosa's chip's etc...).

Or do u say if we take natural food we will become animals like goats? I would say its better to be that than following the worst western culture here...
@ anon,
Oh well... was just joking. Sure, idlis will do u good. But then, whats life without some sort of variety. And Western culture?? Dont tell me that samosas are western!! Even dosas contain oil. Almost all the sweets consumed by us contain dalda, ghee or oil....
Neways, plz give your name while posting comments. :)
Well.. On a fruity diet form now on! ;-) hee hee.. Or may be ban the s/w industry itself!! hmmm.. not a bad idea.. ;-) :-p
I can see ganesh in the pic :)
The pic was taken at Srikanth's place. U can see everyone, including u... BTW, how can u see me?? I was taking the pic!! :)
Guess this is a way for the minister to enter into the good books of people following the stir over pepsi and coke. :-)

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