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First of all, thanks to all u ppl, for that enthusiastic response to my series on my room mates. :) Since some ppl cudnt stomach the thought of Amrita Rao dreaming about me, will be back with another story soon!! My next series will start soon, and it is tentatively named “Blast From The Past”. I will go into general issues for now.

Most of you know would know about the concept of going for a honeymoon. For those who don’t, here’s the gist. After marriage, the bride and the groom go to an exotic location, to understand each other (??), and then they return and work for two years to pay off the debts on their honeymoon!! :). Is Honeymoon a short form of "Honey, I am over the moon after marrying you??" Hey, all this talk about marriage reminds me of a joke which can’t be published here for obvious reasons. People who want that joke can mail me, and I assure you that your identities will remain a secret. I will disclose it only in my next blog. He he… just kidding!! :)

Neways, this happened a year and a half back!! Before that, a quaestion!! Ever been in a situation when as u comment, everyone turns silent?? You will understand why I said this at the end!! So, I had been to my friend’s house. His relatives (which consisted of the bride and the bridegroom also) had come over there. The bride was showing the photos of their honeymoon trip to everyone. They had been to Europe. I was sitting at the back, (where will my class room mentality go??), with my friend and his gang, and passing comments.

The bride was telling us about another couple, accompanying them in the plane. “They didn’t come for sight seeing at all. Come to think of it, they didn’t step out of the hotel at all”. I didn’t notice that the whole room had gone silent, as I commented, “well, I think that they were the ones who understood the concept properly”. :-D Everyone heard that comment. I looked up sheepily and saw that the bride’s face had turned crimson red, and the groom was looking resolutely away!! I excused myself from the place, and just ran from that spot!!

I have never been to their place after that!! :(


What a sad, sad story.... considering the bride that is ;)

One more thing dude, jus wanted to ask u... how is it that u always end up in trouble regardless of the place u r in????
He he.. good comment.. not sure if it's a very genuine one though..
newz, whr r u gonna go 4 UR honeymoon.. If u think the honeymoons are 2 b njoyd in the room, then u'd rather save some bucks n not go 2 some romantic place.. A trip 2 the hotel nearby shud b enuf i guess
@pras- Tht's cos the other name of trouble is Ganesh ;)
@ Pras,
Yours truly can never keep his mouth shut!! :-)

@ Chirag,
course, it is true!! Me havent watched Shattered glass yet!! ;-) why a hotel?? :-D
U hvn't watched Shattered Glass huh? tht's okay.. but looks like u hvn't watched Kalyug either ;)..

BTW think the number of comments for this blog wud b quite less.. the decency factor comes in rmbr.. So, for guys who fear tht thr character wud b in question if they comment in such blogs, please use the "Anonymous" button and put in ur views :)... Oh shit! I am advertising for "Ganesh's" blog!!!!
Yikes!!!!! That was a really good one, though I believe it is your imagination and did not happen to you.
mappu kudumbathula kolapatha undakitayey
Ahem!! Ahem! Looks like you have spent quite some time into this!! ;-) ;-)) A lot of planning on the way??? ;-))
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