Wednesday, January 03, 2007


06!!<-- 2007


The year 2006, was quite eventful for me as well as the world. For the first time in my life, I realised that you can actually earn money without doing anything. I soon learnt that half the people in this software world were like that. :) Maybe this is what they call "Getting hands on experience." I entered the world of blogging, and found that there ARE people to read what I scribble. So does that make them jobless?? Well, I wouldnt want to lose the few visitors to this blog that I have, by answering that question. Anyway, very very Special thanks to Aishu, Ashwin, Ashwini, Avinash, Blux, Chandru, Chirag, Janet, Kaattoo, Madhavi, Pras, Srikanth, Sindhu (in alphabetical order) for visiting and commenting on the blog every time I send a mail to all. I got many new friends, and successfully retained the old friends. I learnt how tough the CAT could be. (That the CAT has again become pregnant and will come out in ten months is another issue!! :) ) I did suffer setbacks (excludin CAT).... but as Calvin's dad says, "It only builds character". Hope those have made me stronger and more focussed on the goals that I have set.

Hope it is the same for you all.I hope this year is a good year for me as well as for you all. Hope all your wishes get fulfilled. Thats it from me now. Cya all!!

PS: Please pardon the Senti stuff. From next time, there will only be the Mental stuff. ;-)


Ya, gr8.. guess u are warming up for the mental stuff to come next!

Actually, inttrestingly we r not getting paid for the ones which we make use our brains to maxx extent . i.e: Writing blogs.
thanks solara mathiri vettiya irukom nu solita ila???!!!
Hey mac.. Rmbr 2day's fwd tht u send 2 me- 10 reasons u shud neva get a job..Take inspiration frm tht.. U must be VERY happy if u r getting paid for doing nothing..
Ganz reading ur blog doesn't make us jobless.. We r jobless n read ur blog.. :D
"Builds character" ???? Am I at the right blogspot????? Well.. aren't we priceless then?? ;-) :p
That the CAT has again become pregnant and will come out in ten months is another issue!! :) ....HA HA HA HA

Happy Blogging
- Jobless Ash
not senti enuf!!!!!!!!!!!
@ Janet,
Smart girl!! :)

@ Madhavi,
looks like they are going to replace joblessness in the oxford dictionary with Madhavi!! ;-)

@ Nash,
Told u not to see Tamil mega serials. thats why anything else is not senti enuf for u!! :)
Have a grt year mapu..All the very best 4 ur CAT (i meant the pregnant one ) ;)
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