Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Ramblings II…..

Never have I pushed myself so much to blog…. The fact is I am at a dead end again. I am unsure of what to blog. Reservation?? Nah, that will be like flogging the dead horse. Ban on blogs? Same reason as the first. Sex? Will be spammed (hey, I am hoping too much here… :-D) with comments like, “Ganesh, thought u were a good boy!!” (of course I am :) ). Not to mention the comments like, “Sex, um….. is that a synonym for gender?”. The recent ban on action on TV… err…. Action TV to be precise? Nope…. No amount of cribbing will make those “I was delivered to my parents by a stork” people change their minds. BTW, I am a fan of those “The World’s sexiest commercials”, :-(. They were very creative. Education? Yikes, me vomiting now!! Alcohol? What's that? Is it that -OH group that I studied long back when I was in XIIth??

So here am I without a topic on which to blog!! It’s a boring world out here.

PS: I was asked to exercise regularly by my well wishers (even I have well wishers, thank you)when I joined this industry. Am happy to inform you all that I AM still thin. (so what if it is only my fingers from all the typing!!)

PS II : Boss calling…. Hence making it short. Cya guys!! :)


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Hmmmm.. May be you should cut the call when you know its your boss!!
PS - Start learning ot be a good actor! I think it helps a lot.. Looking around me I think everyone aspires to be a good actor.. so what if it is only to act in front of mgmt?? ;-) :-p
Thank God your Boss called. BTW, Ganesh, r u running out of intresting stories about ur frnds... or are u concentrating on starting a controvesy on your own.
vetti payale
@ Prima,
Acting?? me?? ;-)

@ Ashwini,
Thank God?? hmm.... not run out of interesting stories!! :) wat a story on u??

@ Pratheep,
therinja vishayam thaanae!! :)
ganeshnu oru nalla payan erundhan....kanama poyitan..kidaicha solli anuppu
Hey I thought your boss will call you only during lunch break ;)
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