Thursday, April 12, 2007


Blast From The Past!!

This is my LKG class's group foto. Any guesses as to where I am in this foto?? :-)


Are u the one in white gown :P

Seriously, really cute photo yar
Top row standing - 7th from the left..

Nice photo. :-)
7th from the left in the top row..
@ Sriki,

Ur humor is working over time, I guess!! :) I am rolling on the floor!! :P

@ Prima and Madhavi,
Bingo!! :)
Kid without tat you???:-)LOL!!

and man ...i think am gud at telepathy..reasons...

1.Just had a feelin u might update ur blog today..and even b4 i got ur mail ,i had seen d foto...tot it wud be INDECENT (hope spellin is rite) of me to comment without ur actual invite...!!

2.I had already guessed sriki's comments....and he did exactly d same..!!!!!!!!!

Newayz...Kewl pic:-)

@ Nash,
Decency and U?? wheres the connection?? :P I guess I still have the foto where u look at the teacher!! :D

Piece!! :)
Guess i m telepathic as well.. In fact i was gonna mail 2 saying- I m feeling bored, update ur blog ;)...
n as far as the foto goes, no points 4 guessing tht the 7th frm left on the top row s u... The family stamp all over ur face..
cute photo :-) ... not very difficult to find ya
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