Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Same Blood!!

Dinesh was seated at the marriage hall. He was quite old now. He was 33. He looked into the crowd and saw his best friend Ravi standing in the front. He was the best man. He could still remember the conversation he had with Ravi one day.

"Dei, the new beatsar has hit the market now. You should have waited for some more time. Then you could have bought this. Instead you have the old model", Ravi told him. "Its okay da. I am perfectly happy with the bike I bought. Cell phones, Bikes, Wives etc are all the same. You wish that you could have waited for a better model. Its ok.... If this goes on, I will never get married. You can always lend me yours." "Dei, what are you talking about?" "I meant your bike and not your wife, silly!! "Thank God.... :)"

He looked at his bride and smiled at her. Maybe he could get a better bride, and again maybe not. Anyway, he had to start a family soon.

She returned his smile. After all, even she had bought a hooty just before the hooty hep was launched!! :)


How is the title "Same Blood" related to the story?
Same question :
How is the title "Same Blood" related to the story?
@ Prima, Ashwini, and all other non Tamilians:
"Same blood" is a very popular tamil film dialogue meaning, its the same situattion everywhere!! :)
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