Monday, April 02, 2007


Venting Your Anger!!

Warning: Not for the conservatives. So if u are one, plz dont read it and then pass comments about my good goody nature!! :)

What is the best way to vent one's anger?? Physical or verbal?? There is a saying in Tamil that physical wounds will heal, but the verbal wounds will make a very deep cut in the other person. But nowadays, I feel that our jobs have made us spineless enough to bear the bad words.

My profanities started with the harmless "Naayae, paeyae" (Dog and ghost). I reckon my best friend was at the receiving end always. I always kept profanities to a minimum, save for that occasional muttering of naayae and paeyae. It was my friend Madhusudhan who told me that the worst bad word was fucker. Pardon us, the misguided souls that we were, for we were in our 5th standard then. Profanities for me has come a long way since then, and I have used almost all words right from the common "bastard" to words that might make steam come out of some people's ears.

But these days, I prefer keeping things simple. I just say "Fuck off".

PS: Why do some bad words refer to private parts and sexual acts?? Coz its considered taboo and dirty?? Then why dont we say "U crazy left hand" as we use it to clean ourselves?? ;-P

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A crazy post, I must say!! I’m not very sure if its venting of anger…these days so many profane words are used like it’s not bad enough to be called profanity. The F words are used like it was a part of the Wren and Martin grammar book! People these days wonder why some people don’t use profane words, rather than thinking otherwise.
The essence of verbal abuse is to either humiliate/ insult/ profanities or otherwise if u r able to do it fine..go ahead !

I for one avoid using them ...just a personal opinion thats it.
@ Ash,
Profanities can be used with friends also.... remember how our elders used to call us names (of course ot likt this :P ) out of affection!! :)

@ Sriki,
Maappu, I tell them aloud. U dont, and thats the difference!!
U ain't getting a lotta comments on this un 4 sure ;)..
Profanities r just part of the language in this new Gen X era and i think people wud take the meaning literally no more...Infact, I hv seen my uncles use BC and MC(when surrounded by all family members), as though it was just any other word.. So, my msg 2 the people who seem to hv a problem with it- "WAKE UP 2 reality"
BTW rmbr the Rajnish audio? "The work Fuck s a beautiful word in inglis language"..
Just use it as a fcukin adjective maan...
This post is inspired by all those Quentin Tarentino movies?????
ganshu and chi...
Verbal abuse is used more by the so called "new Gen X" than others. More than that i know a couple of frends who even use it for greeting each other.It is absolutely fine as long as the other person thinks just like u. There are still a lot of people who take words used in verbal abuse for more than just alphabets.

As for me i love EMINEM and didn't feel a thing when i watched "DEPARTED" though they used the F word 5 times per minute ;)
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