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With great pleasure and happiness, we welcome you to the marriage of Sow. Bhagya with Chi…….

Raghu read the invitation with trembling hands. He still remembered that fateful day when he had proposed to her. He had taken her out to a restaurant and proposed. But she had refused.

No Raghu, I am sorry. My parents will not accept this. You are a good person, but I can’t do anything but refuse. This will not happen. Please don’t pop this question again.” Distraught, he had given up all ideas of marriage then.

On that day, he got up and dressed neatly as always. He took an auto to the place. The people in the hall ushered him into the dining room as soon as he entered the hall. He couldn’t eat a morsel though. He came out of the dining hall in a short while and occupied a chair close to the stage.

The bride was seated on her father’s lap, with the bridegroom in front of her. She was looking beautiful in her 9 yards saree. He gave a sigh and threw the flowers as the bridegroom tied the mangal sutra.

If everything had gone as planned, she would have been seated on his lap. Life was indeed funny in a cruel sort of way.


Tragic story this time :(
But life has always been like this.
Another Hmmmm...
with so many Hmm's....looks like there is somethin real fishy..hmm...
Hey Gans...did u mean that the bride, Bhagya, would be Raghu's daughter if everything had gone as planned?
Marriage season inspired you to write a blog on marriage??? ;-) :-p
Storyline twists are not advisable for post-lunch session!! ;-) :-p
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... ;-) :-p
@ Maddy,
True!! :)
@ Ash and Sriki,
@ Nash,
Fishyaavathu mannavathu??

@ Ash,
@ Prima,
if it helps me get married, fine with me!! ;-)
As for the post lunch session, I feel sleepy all the time
All of this reminds me of the song "My heart goes hmmmmmm hmmmm hmmmm"... lol..
n BTW, was tht CHI... refering 2 me? Well, if only i'd known my "to be wife" wud b the poor chaps GF.. As u said, life s indeed funny..

Pona generation ayum vittu veka poradhilaya??

Was good da…. never expected tat……… :)
If everything had gone according to planning, her name need not have been Bhagya.. ALso , it need not have been "Her" rather "He".
Thanx!! :)

@ Chi,
Chi in the story refers to Chiranjevi, i.e., term for bridegroom

@ Ashwin,
Go and eat masala dosa :-P....
nice... unexpected :D
@ Aishu,
Thanx!! :)
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